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Freedom NEMA motor control

Eaton’s Freedom starters and contactors feature a compact, space-saving design, using state-of-the-art technology and the latest in high strength, impact and temperature resistant insulating materials. In addition to the bimetallic overload, Eaton also offers a series of electronic overload relay (C440) available as a standalone unit and assembled with Freedom contactor. These adjustable bimetallic ambient compensated contactors are designed for use with CE or CN non-reversing and reversing contactors. They have interchangeable heater packs and are available in four sizes for overload protection up to 900 hp, reducing the number of different contactor/overload relay combinations that have to be stocked. They also feature a full line of snap-on accessories common to both IEC and NEMA devices.

Freedom NEMA motor control

Freedom NEMA motor control core features

  • Designed to meet or exceed NEMA, UL, CSA, VDE, BS and other international standards and listings 
  • Adjustable bimetallic ambient compensated overload relays with interchangeable heater packs—available in three basic sizes, covering applications up to 900 hp—reducing the number of different contactor/overload relay combinations that have to be stocked. Fixed heater overloads are optional 
  • Electronic overload relay (C440) available as a standalone unit and assembled with Freedom contactor 
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting on upright panel for Freedom application
  • Screw type power terminals have captive, backed-out self-lifting pressure plates with ± screws—reduced wiring time 
  • Accessible terminals for easy wiring. Optional fingerproof shields available to prevent electrical shock 
  • A full line of snap-on accessories—top and side mounted auxiliary contacts, solid-state and pneumatic timers 
  • Straight-through wiring— line lugs at top, load lugs at bottom 
  • Top located coil terminals convenient and readily accessible. 45 mm contactor magnet coils have three terminals, permitting either top or diagonal wiring—easy to replace European or U.S. style starters or contactors without changing wiring layout 
  • Sized based on standard NEMA classifications 
  • Easy coil change and inspectable/replaceable contacts 
  • Available in open and NEMA Type 1, 3R, 4/4X and 12 enclosures 

Freedom series (NEMA)

Eaton’s Freedom NEMA AN19 starter series combines exceptional Freedom contactor ratings with the C440 electronic overload’s superior motor protection features. AN19 starters can be monitored in real-time over communications, allowing for reduced troubleshooting efforts and downtime.

    Freedom NEMA contactor coil replacement

    Step by step instructional video that shows you the simple steps to replacing the coil in the Freedom NEMA contactor.

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