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Galileo is an intuitive, easy-to-learn and still powerful project design environment that fulfills almost all requirements of an on-site machine operation. With its non-sector specific concept, the visualization software offers seamless project design for all XV/XP operator panels and all PC run-time solutions. It provides full functionality for the project designer at any time without any graduated restrictions on variables or screens.


Galileo visualization software core features

  • Reduction of startup and maintenance time by using project simulation on the development-PC
  • Visualization software for all XV devices (3.5" – 15" touch panels) and PCs
  • The intuitive user guidance makes it possible to create a project within a half-day
  • Orientation on international mechanical engineering (such as through predefined keyboards for specific languages, the ability to change language and units of measurement while running)
  • Over 100 protocols for almost all current PLCs make it possible to use Galileo in conjunction with PLC systems from other makers as well
  • Assurance of project design know-how through continuous forward compatibility of your projects
  • Galileo communicates with CODESYS, allowing for example simple import/export of PLC variables
  • No graduated performance level and no restrictions on variables or screens
  • Realization of Lean Automation Solutions based on SmartWire-DT technology

Styles demonstration

Design and configure machine building applications faster 
With a wide variety of new features, Galileo 10 is revolutionizing both controls and operation for the entire lifecycle of both machines and systems. 

In other words: from engineering, through commissioning and operation, all the way to maintenance, build applications faster! 


When an object is selected, its most important attributes will always be shown on a sidebar. This not only makes everything more manageable, but also means that you will only need a few mouse clicks to get things done. By selecting multiple objects, you can make changes quickly: 

  1. Select the objects you want
  2. Change the properties you want
  3. The changes will be applied to all objects
Galileo 10 visulization software on monitor
Intelligent and powerful search and sorting functions 
The software searched for the screens, variables, bitmaps, and scripts in a project at record speeds. The corresponding results are shown in a clearly laid out list, and you can access the results you want with a double-click. Further, the variable tree is sorted by communications, making it possible to use identical variable names.
The ability to reuse object groups 
The ability to reuse a group of objects in an advanced sub-screen makes it possible to arrange similar visualization objects quickly and in a clearly laid out manner. Moreover, it ensures that changes to a data type and to an advanced screen will be applied to all the corresponding instances. In addition, you can create your own data types. All it takes to assign variables to objects is dragging and dropping them accordingly.

Screen Painter 
If you move your cursor over the light bulb icon on visualization objects (e.g., on graphs or parameter lists), the corresponding hover menu will open and list all the special functions available for the object. If you then select a function, that special function will be automatically added to the screen as a button. 

Automatic object recognition makes it possible to easily group, position, and align all objects. And, in addition, superimposed objects can also be displayed.

Object Manager 
Can be used to get a quick overview of all the objects being used on a screen. The Object Manager provides a variety of useful functionalities:

  • Sorting along the Z-axis (changes can be easily made by means of the drag & drop method)
  • Showing superimposed objects
  • Anchoring and hiding objects
  • An object selected in the Object Manager will also be shown on the screen simultaneously

Styles ensure that objects will have a uniform appearance throughout an entire project. For example, if you choose to modify the attributes for an object, the changes you make will apply to every single object using the same style.

Galileo 10 is an intuitive and powerful engineering environment that takes little time to master and meets basic requirements involved in today’s on-machine operation. It is tailored to the needs of system integrators and reflects the latest in visualization technology.

Watch the videos to learn more. 

Styles demostration

From the Galileo "How To" series

    Copying between projects 
    Galileo features a special dialog box that can be used to copy variables, objects, bitmaps, and styles between two projects.
    Adjustable aspect ratio 
    The aspect ratio function in Galileo can be used to switch between an aspect ratio of 4:3 and 16:9.

    User management 
    The user management functionality is designed to make your processes safer!

    The person in charge can create and delete users at run-time and assign them to previously defined groups. And in order to improve safety even further, the system can be configured to automatically log out users and to monitor the system for invalid login attempts. In addition, the functionality features a password history and can be used to monitor password changes.

    User logger 
    The software can log and save user actions, as well as any changes that a user makes to values, in the form of a CSV file. This ensures that user input can be tracked in order to provide protection against tampering.

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