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Prism 18 mm tubular photoelectric sensors

Built sensor tough

Prism series 18 mm tubular sensors provide a flexible isolated output and twice the optical gain of other sensors in this product class. These cost-effective sensors offer forward- and right-angle viewing models that feature identical gain and optical characteristics for the best fit.

Prism 18 mm tubular photoelectric sensors

Core features of Prism 18 mm tubular photoelectric sensors

  • Gain control allows for quick adjustment for peak optical performance in a variety of applications
  • Visible red sensing beams make it easy to see where the sensors are aimed for quick setup
  • Unique threaded body allows for quick mounting in a 3/4-inch hole or against any flat surface
  • Internal components are rigidly sealed in a solid encapsulated package for excellent performance in high-shock and high-vibration applications
  • High sensing power enables functionality for longer ranges
  • High noise immunity greatly reduces problems associated with electrical noise
  • All models feature a quick, 3 ms response time
  • Isolated outputs offer wiring flexibility

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