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Solid-state relays

Eaton’s solid-state relays (SSR) are reliable, offer a long service life, significantly reduce electromagnetic interference, respond quickly and are resistant to vibration. Applications for solid-state relays typically include equipment that requires high cycling rates, low acoustical or electrical noise, or vibration resistance; such as material handling equipment, medical equipment, heating/cooling equipment, lighting control and pumps/compressors.

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Core features for solid state relays

  • All solid-state circuitry with no moving parts to wear ensures a long life
  • Compact panel mounting and a removable finger-safe cover allow for safe, easy, flexible installation
  • Isolated input and output terminals protect the system from electrical noise
  • Internal snubber circuitry includes additional protection from transients
  • Integrated heat sink provides easy mounting in tight spaces and eliminates the need for added accessories and installation
  • Flexible mounting allows DIN rail or panel mounting without additional hardware or tools

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