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XN300 I/O system

Think differently about modular I/O

In combination with existing PLC and HMI PLC products, the XN300 I/O system is an ideal solution for machine building applications meant for mass production environments. CODESYS programming software and Galileo visualization software round off the range of powerful products, making Eaton the industry's system supplier of choice. 

XN300 I/O system

Core features of the XN300 I/O system

  • Ultra-compact, slice-card-based modular I/O system with a field bus interface and high channel density
  • Application-oriented functions that result in lower device costs and make it possible to obtain the perfect system solution while taking up a minimal amount of space
  • A sleek design and a practical installation concept that make handling easier and allow users to pre-assemble their I/O block
  • A plug-in connection system and clear signal allocation make commissioning faster and maintenance easier
  • The XN300 Assist software tool supports engineering and commissioning
  • Rounds off our range of XV products (HMI PLC), making them the perfect solution for machine building applications meant for use in mass production environments

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