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Aftermarket and direct replacements for Ampgard & SC9000 medium-voltage control systems

Eaton’s medium-voltage motor control solutions include renewal and spare parts offerings for current Ampgard and SC9000 EP medium-voltage adjustable frequency drives, past generations ("Classic Ampgard” and SC9000) as well as legacy brands including Westinghouse and Cutler-Hammer.  Our highly trained team of aftermarket engineering specialists are ready to assist complemented by a network of skilled field service engineers to provide installation and retrofit support.

Aftermarket and direct replacements for Ampgard & SC9000 medium-voltage control systems

Which motor control system do you have?

Classic Ampgard

Classic Ampgard  structure

Medium voltage motor control units manufactured between 1962 and 2005 are now referred to as, “Classic Ampgard”.  



Ampgard  structure
A refresh was given to the over 40 year old Ampgard starter design in 2005 to further enhance performance and reliablity.  This design is referred to as, "Ampgard."  Key differences in appearance include the placement of the isolation switch and the location of the low voltage compartment door.

SC9000 and SC9000 EP

SC9000 MV drive
SC9000 EP has been production since 2013 and includes an encapsulated powerpole inverter.  Prior to 2013 the SC9000 was available featuring a potted inverter design.

Identify your motor control system by manufacturing date


Classic Ampgard manufacturing dates

Classic Ampgard
Years in production
LF airbreak 25L2 200 A 1962-1985
LF airbreak 50L2 200 A 1963-1981
LF airbreak 50L4 400 A 1965-1985
LF airbreak 50L7 700 A 1968-1988
SJ vacuum SJ72V4 1982-2000
SJ vacuum SJ72V8 1988-2010
SL vacuum SL72V4 2000-2010

Ampgard and SC9000 manufacturing dates

Years in production
SL vacuum, 400A, 7.2 kV 2005-present
SJ vacuum, 800A, 7.2 kV
SJ vacuum, 300A, 15 kV
SL vacuum, 800A, 7.2 kV
SC9000 MV drive 2008-2013
SC9000 EP MV drive 2013-present

For Additional support

Have your original General Order number (GO number) available when contacting an Eaton sales representative or authorized Eaton distributor.  Your GO number will typically be a series of 2-4 letters, followed by between 6 and 8 numbers.  

A history of reliability

For more than 5 decades, the Eaton Ampgard medium-voltage motor control product has been on the market delivering top-notch performance and reliability for your motor applications. Additional ratings and features have been continuously introduced over the years. Our aftermarket and renewal parts offering includes support for legacy models of Ampgard including branding under Westinghouse, Cutler-Hammer and now Eaton, including support for Eaton SC9000 and SC9000 EP adjustable frequency drives.

Retrofits extend the life of your Ampgard equipment

In addition to traditional parts support, we also offer retrofits to bring the latest technology to classic Eaton Ampgard. Common upgrades include cell retrofits to convert a spare cell or mechanical future into a starter cell, MV4S soft starter retrofits as well as retrofits for LF air break contactors and SJ vacuum contactors.

Remote operator for enhanced arc flash safety

When mounted on the front of the starter, the Ampgard Remote Operator (ARO) for the starter isolation switch allows personnel to safely open and close the switch from outside the arc flash boundary. Classic Remote Operator (CRO) is avaible for Classic Ampgard starters.