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CL-7 voltage regulator control features


  • Easy-to-use familiar interface
  • No programming language knowledge required for basic control setup
  • 4x20 character LCD screen for easy-to-understand displays
  • Direct access to control parameters and metering using Function Codes
  • Nested menu for easy access to parameters without Function Codes
  • Metering-PLUS function provides instant access to most needed information
  • Retrofits to most any voltage regulator in service
  • Single-phase or multi-phase control options
  • Local or remote regulation control
  • Front USB PC port for local communications
  • USB drive port for easy data retrieval and programming
  • Full alpha-numeric keypad
  • ProView NXG software for easy programming
  • User configurable hot-key mapping
  • 10-year control hardware warranty 


  • Ten reverse sensing modes to meet the needs of modern distributed generation
  • Three conservation voltage reduction modes for up to 10 levels of reduction
  • Voltage Limiter feature
  • DeltaCalc feature for improved delta system voltage regulation
  • Duty cycle monitor maintenance notification
  • Preventative maintenance tapping feature
  • Alternate Configuration settings profiles
  • Data Profiler metering data collection
  • CFV file formatted data downloads directly onto USB drive
  • Data and status alarms
  • Easy-to-use configurable logic to create custom features


  • Easy integration into SCADA and IVVC schemes
  • Single point on communications for up to three phases with Multi-phase control
  • Five native communications protocols
  • Eight integrated communications interface options
  • Communications-ready control box options
  • 13.5 Vdc power supply module
  • 120 and 240 Vdc cabinet power options
  • Battery back-up
  • Substation battery connections
  • Four auto-restore-local options
  • Integrated analog I/O module

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