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Eaton’s Cooper Power series Kearney line offers a wide variety of distribution class connectors such as tension sleeves, tee tap terminals, stirrups, overhead splices, terminals and wireclips. The Kearney line also includes insulating mastics and sealers. 

Squeezon connectors
Designed to last
Wide range of connectors
Application ready
Product availability
Storm response

Core features

  • A variety of Kearney Squeezon connectors are available to accommodate an extended range of conductor sizes
  • Wire clips are easy to install for securely fastening ground wires to poles and crossarms.
  • Kearney compression terminals are available in multiple terminal hole combinations for a variety of utility termination applications
  • A variety of sleeves are available in various sizes to splice conductors together
  • Service Entrance SERV-ENS sleeves make dependable, economical service entrance connections with any combination of aluminum, ACSR or copper

Designed for extreme conditions

Eaton's Cooper Power series Kearney Squeezon connectors employ Kearney's aluminum and copper H-tap connectors, including the Ultra Range 7 connector system. In addition, all connector, sleeves, splices and taps come with precoated Kearnalex inhibitor.

Available when adverse weather happens

Eaton offers storm response programs for customers requiring the added security of product availability.