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Conventional single-phase pad-mounted transformer

Eaton’s Cooper Power series single-phase conventional pad-mounted transformers are designed for exceptional performance. Available in ratings from 10-167 kVA, the transformers are available in MaxiShrub (ANSI-Type 1), Shrubline (ANSI-Type 2) and Ranch Runner designs to meet various applications. Conventional transformers meet or exceed the requirements of applicable ANSI and NEMA standards. Single-phase pad-mounted transformers can be filled with standard electrical grade mineral insulating oil or fire-resistant Envirotemp FR3 fluid.

Single-phase Shrubline VFI pad-mounted transformer
Primary voltage
MaxiShrub: 2400-34,500 V; Shrubline: 2400-19,920 V; Ranch Runner: 2400-14,400 V
Secondary voltage
120-600 V
MaxiShrub and Shrubline: 10-167 kVA; Ranch Runner: 10-50 kVA

Core features

  • Available option of Envirotemp FR3 fluid for increased fire safety or electrical grade mineral oil
  • Meets or exceeds industry standards including ANSI (except Ranch Runner frontplate), NEMA and DOE Energy Efficiency
  • Cores and coils designed for high reliability and low field failure rates
  • Overcurrent protection includes a standard Bay-O-Net fuse and an optional current-limiting fuse or weak link
  • Tin-plated high- and low-voltage bushing terminals to accommodate aluminum or copper conductors

Perfect for industrial and residential applications

MaxiShrub (10-167 kVA), with an ANSI Type-1 frontplate is ideal for single-phase industrial and residential applications where a wide range of kVAs or heavy cabling is required. The transformer allows vertical feed to the primary and secondary bushings.

Low-profile Shrubline combines safety and aesthetics

Ideal for high-profile areas, Shrubline (10-167 kVA) with an ANSI Type-2 frontplate offers a low-profile design that blends with surrounding shrubs, hedges and home air conditioners, making it a popular choice for residential applications.

Powerful capabilities in less space

The compact design of the Ranch Runner pad-mounted transformer (10-50 kVA) provides standard capabilities in very little space. Ideal for irrigation, oil field or residential applications, Ranch Runner is Rural Utilities Services (RUS) approved and meets all ANSI and CSA/CEA requirements except frontplate arrangements.

The safer, environmentally friendly choice

Single-phase conventional transformers can be filled with our optional Envirotemp FR3 fluid, which provides increased fire safety and superior environmental characteristics where less-flammable fluid is desired. Because the fluid is readily biodegradable and non-toxic, Envirotemp provides sustainable performance at a low cost.