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E, 4E, H, 4H, L single-phase reclosers

Eaton's Cooper Power series types E, 4E, H, 4H and L single-phase, hydraulically controlled reclosers provide reliable, self-contained, distribution-circuit overcurrent protection. Additionally, they’re offered at a low cost and require minimal service.

E, 4E, H, 4H, L single-phase reclosers
Non-reclosing capability
Simple one operation-to-lockout
Multiple series-trip coils
Simplify system coordination
Hydraulic control
Reduce operation and installation costs

Core features

  • Economic H, 4H and L are designed and tested reclosers rated for operation on 14.4-kV three-phase systems
  • Premium E and 4E are designed and tested reclosers rated for operation on 24.9 kV three-phase systems
  • Uses E and 4E reclosers operation on single-phase taps of a 20/34.5-kV system where the 150 kV BIL rating is satisfactory
  • Includes dual time-current characteristics that permit coordination with other protective devices
  • Uses oil as the arc-interrupting medium

One operation-to-lockout without removing the recloser from service

Eaton's Cooper Power series E, 4E, H, 4H and L single-phase reclosers are equipped with a non-reclosing feature. Simply by moving an externally operable handle with a hookstick, the recloser can be set for one operation to lockout. The non-reclosing feature is a valuable tool when hot-line work is necessary. Should an overcurrent occur while the non-reclosing feature is activated, the recloser will trip according to the first time/current curve programmed in its operating sequence and then lock out. When the feature is deactivated, the recloser will operate normally according to the internally programmed sequence.

Dual time-current characteristics permits coordination with other protective devices

Tripping is initiated by a series-connected coil. Current-carrying and interrupting capacities vary with the operating coil’s rating, which is selected to meet circuit requirements.