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Fuse links

Eaton’s Cooper Power series fuse links can be applied to a variety of applications requiring overcurrent protection of distribution systems and equipment. When properly coordinated with other overcurrent protective devices, sectionalizing to isolate faulted feeder branches or equipment is possible. Kearney fuse links are available in a variety of types offering a wide selection of operating characteristics.

Fuse links
Designed for harsh climates
Superior performance
Overcurrent protection
Variety of types available
Multiple applications

Core features

  • Removable buttons allow fuse links to be used in all open and enclosed cutouts, including cutouts with arc-shortening rods
  • Fuse link type, ampere size and date of manufacture are marked on the periphery of the screw terminal
  • High bust strength tube for each fuse link
  • All Cooper Power series expulsion fuse link designs are tested in accordance with IEEE Std C37.41 and IEEE Std C57.42 standards, and IEC Standard 60282-2
  • Tin or silver links available in K and T speed fuses

Field-proven Kearney fuse links

Cooper Power series fuse links provide reliable response to overcurrent conditions and quick refusing of cutouts. The Kearney offering includes all the speeds utilities want and need along with the innovative packaging and quick color-coded identification that linemen rely on.

McGraw fuses for dependability

Eaton’s line of McGraw fuses offers solid dependability all in a new package that makes truck storage clean and efficient.

Surge durability performance in K and T speeds

Silver links are available in K and T speeds for the ultimate in surge durability.

Available when adverse weather happens

Eaton offers storm response programs for customers requiring the added security of product availability.