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Hi-Line equipment and tools

Eaton’s Cooper Power series Kearney line offers a wide variety of Hi-Line tools and maintenance equipment including insulated sticks, Fit-On tools, tree trimmers, fuse pullers, cover-up equipment, jumpering/grounding equipment, compression tools, cutters and accessories. 

FCI tool
Overhead and underground
Wide range offering
Reputation for reliability
Solid construction
Proven field performance

Core features

  • Grounding kits provide the operating components required to isolate, test and visibly ground a loadbreak separable insulated conductor system
  • Aqua Seal materials provide the most economical answer to permanently sealing, waterproofing and insulating electrical connections and other equipment that is exposed to adverse environmental conditions
  • Eaton offers a wide variety of power line tools including insulated sticks, Fit-on tools, tree trimmers, fuse pullers, support and tension products, tool bags and racks, cover-up equipment, jumpering/grounding equipment, compression tools, cutters and accessories
  • A variety of compression and cutting tools are available for splicing/crimping or cutting both overhead as well as underground cable
  • Eaton's Kearney rust cutter loosens rusted or corroded nuts and bolts in seconds

Supporting overhead and underground applications

Eaton offers a full line of Kearney insulated clamp sticks and complementing accessories for installation and maintenance of overhead and underground products.

Decades of reliable field performance

Hi-Line tools and Kearney products represent a core in daily utility operating procedures and have a reputation for reliability, thanks to decades of proven field performance.

600 A Cleer grounding elbow

Eaton provides a visible ground on its Cooper Power series 600 A, 15/25/35 kV Cleer loadbreak connector system with its Cooper Power series Cleer grounding elbow.