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Indoor powercenter substation transformer

Eaton’s Cooper Power series indoor powercenter substation transformer offers improved safety, reliability and efficiency at a lower cost, and is specifically designed and approved for all indoor or roof-mounted applications. Envirotran transformers are filled with biodegradable and sustainable Envirotemp FR3 dielectric fluid, which also provides enhanced fire safety and a longer lifespan.

Indoor powercenter substation transformer
Primary voltage
5 kV through 35 kV, 200 kV BIL
Base rating
Up to 12 MVA
Secondary voltage
120 V through 15 kV, 95 kV BIL

Core features

  • Designed and approved for all indoor or covered roof-mounted applications placing the transformer near the load
  • Transformers provide a more efficient design, lower cost, lower sound level and longer insulation life
  • Offers higher short- and long-term overloadability
  • Integrated overcurrent and overvoltage options may eliminate traditional switchgear
  • Meets all NEC safety requirements of Section 450-23 for indoor transformer applications
  • EPA/ETV tested and approved

Ideal for indoor applications

Specifically designed and approved for all indoor or covered roof-mounted applications placing the transformer near the load, IPC transformers do not require fire-rated electrical vaults, sprinklers or deluge systems. Less clearance distances required and lower insurance rates are further benefits.

Fire safety, longer lifespan and environmentally friendly

Fire safety and environmental advances have made liquid-filled transformers superior. IPC transformers feature revolutionary Envirotemp FR3 fluid, which provides better fire safety, longer lifespan and is friendlier to the environment.

Quality built for extreme power demand

Eaton's Cooper Power series IPC transormers are engineered to order, built to a high degree of quality and tested rigorously to ensure lasting performance in the most critical applications.

Save space and reduce equipment coordination

Close-couple medium-voltage liquid-filled transformers with low and medium-voltage assemblies in a streamlined unit substation design.