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ISG-SD padmount switchgear

Eaton’s solid-dielectric-in-air padmount switches and fault interrupters utilize vacuum technology to provide a compact, safer and reliable medium-voltage switch that contains no oil or SF6 gas. ISG-SD padmount switchgear features a fully sealed dead-front construction manufactured from 304 stainless steel that is virtually maintenance free. 

ISG-SD 4-way single-sided padmount switchgear
Visible open isolation point
Added safety
Automation ready
Enhanced protection, operation and communications
Fully factory assembled and tested
Lower installation costs

Core features

  • Solid-dielectric-in-air design
  • Interrupt rating available in 12.5 kA, 16 kA and 20 kA. Suitable for 4 kV – 27 kV applications
  • Visible open isolation point that is visible from a safe working distance
  • Single-handle operation to de-energize, isolate and create a visible open
  • Dual certification: Fault interrupter and load-break switch
  • Virtually maintenance-free

Greater safety

Eaton’s solid-dielectric switchgear utilizes vacuum fault interrupter contacts in every load switching and fault interrupting position for increased reliability and safety. The visible isolation point allows operators to work from a safe distance.

Environmental responsibility

Eaton's solid-dielectric switchgear is constructed with recyclable materials.

Lower total cost of ownership

Eaton’s solid-dielectric switchgear is designed to reduce the cost of installation and increase the reliability of your network, representing a cost savings in downtime, fees and penalties. The 304 stainless steel construction increases the lifespan of your investment.