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ISG-SD submersible switchgear

Eaton’s ISG-SD solid-dielectric-in-air submersible switches and fault interrupters offer a variety of 2 Way through 5 Way configurations. Its compact, dead-front and fully sealed design is available in a multitude of shapes allowing for easier passage into existing vaults and manhole installations. ISG-SD switchgear is a versatile solution that is both oil and SF6 free.

ISG-SD submersible switchgear
Operable from top of unit
Additional safety for service crews
Automation ready
Overcurrent protection solutions easily fit into existing manholes
Flexible versatile designs
Configurable to many new or retrofit applications

Core features

  • Interrupt rating available in 12.5 kA, 16 kA and 20 kA. Suitable for 4 kV – 27 kV applications
  • Visible open isolation point, which is visible from a safe working distance
  • Single-handle operation to de-energize, isolate and create a visible open
  • Operable from top of unit
  • Overcurrent protection and automation ready
  • Fully submersible and virtually maintenance free 304 stainless-steel tank design
  • Available in multiple shapes and sizes

Built for harsh environments

Eaton’s solid-dielectric submersible switchgear is made of 304 stainless-steel and is fully factory sealed, making it the best choice for harsh underground environments including salt water, flooding, humidity, insects, wildlife or other invasive elements. The optional tank integrity device provides a visible indication for operating crews that the tank remains sealed while the equipment is in service.

Flexible automation packages

Eaton’s solid-dielectric submersible switchgear offers both submersible and above-ground pedestal mounted automation and control packages. The two-tier control package offers the option for a CT-powered microprocessor over-current relay or a variety of SEL relays for distribution automation, source transfer, and SCADA applications. The submersible control offering also features IP 68 rated connectors and cables and accessories such as junction boxes, motor operators, pendant controls, and control boxes.