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Medium-voltage dry type transformers

Eaton’s dry type transformer solutions are custom-designed dry-type power transformers, which give environmental protection, for both indoor and outdoor applications. The transformers are explosion-resistant, fire-resistant, non-polluting to the environment, and ideally suitable for use in coordinated unit substations.

Primary voltage
4.76 kV - 46 kV
Transformer kVA
112.5 kVA - 32,000 kVA
Secondary voltage
208 V - 34.5 kV

Core features

  • Custom-design flexibility to meet special customer needs and applications
  • Computerized loss-evaluated designs for specific customer load and evaluation criteria
  • Environmental protection, through various coating methods.
  • Low maintenance
  • High short-circuit strength
  • Fan cooling package, complete with digital winding temperature
  • NEMA® Standard No. 201-1982
  • IEEE® Standard No. 100-1977

Protective coatings for enhanced reliability

For enhanced environmental protection and improved withstand to thermal shock and short-circuit stresses Eaton offers RESIBLOC® , cast-coil, Vacuum Pressure Impregnated (VPI) polyester and Vacuum Pressure Encapsulated (VPE) protective coatings.

Save space and reduce equipment coordination

Close-couple medium-voltage dry type transformers with low and medium-voltage assemblies in a streamlined unit substation design.

Eaton’s Electrical Engineering Services and Systems

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