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  15 kV 25 kV 35 kV
Maximum design voltage
15.5 27 38
95 125 150
1-minute withstand switch* and terminators
35 60 70
Continuous current, amps
600 600 600
Load switching, amps
600 600 600
Momentary current 10 cycles, amps (asym.)
20,000 20,000
1 sec., amps (sym.) 
12,500 12,500
Fault making (sym./asym.), kA
12.5/20.0 12.5/20.0
Interrupting rating**, (kA)
50 20-50 12.5-50
* The withstand rating of the switch is higher than that of the connectors (IEEE Std C37.74™-2003 standard )
** Interrupting rating for fused units depends on the selected fuses and the application voltage

Standard features

  • Removable sill
  • Oil sight gauge/SF6 pressure gauge
  • Side-opening cabinet doors
  • Pressure-relief valve for oil tanks
  • Oil fill plug/SF6 fill port
  • Stand-off brackets for each bushing
  • Removable oil fuse drip tray
  • Door stop
  • Split doors
  • Designed for use with M.O.V.E. surge arresters
  • Stainless steel hinges
  • Recessed pentahead bolts
  • Recessed lifting provisions
  • Bolted cover
  • Switch padlock provisions
  • Complete operating, maintenance and installation instructions
  • ANSI1/2-13 ground nut mounted beneath each bushing
  • Oil drain plug with sampler

Features and benefits

  • Split doors on both source and tap sides enable simple, one-person operation
  • Fuse oil drip tray
  • Optional solid copper grounding rod makes grounding simple and convenient
  • Recessed lifting provisions are located for a balanced lift
  • Switch lever provides simple push/pull operation for closing and opening; can be padlocked in either position
  • Component bushings fassure dependable operation. Standoff brackets are provided for each bushing

Optional accessories

  • 200-amp bushing inserts
  • 200-amp one-piece bushings
  • 600-amp bushings
  • Drain valve with sampler
  • 1/2-inch copper ground rod on source and tap sides
  • Fault indicator provisions
  • Spare fuse storage rack
  • Type 304L stainless steel construction
  • SF6 refill hoses, valves and regulator
  • Auxiliary switch, 2 stage
  • Control position semaphore
  • Push-OP bushings
  • U-OP bushings
  • Envirotemp FR3 fluid [minimum ambient temperatures of 0°C (32°F) or higher]
  • E200 fluid [operation down to -30°C]
  • Motor actuator and control
  • Low pressure alarm for SF6 units
  • Externally-replaceable bushings
  • Visible-breaks: 2-position and 3-position with ground
  • Fuse protection (oil-filled only)

Standards and specifications

  • Designed in conformance with IEEE Std. C37.74 standard
  • The coating meets the following specifications: IEEE Std C57.12.28-2005 standard, ASTM B1117 1000-hour humidity test, ASTM G53 500-hour ultraviolet accelerated weathering test and ASTM D2794 impact test

UL listed and labeled

For non-fused RVAC switchgear, the UL listing and labeling is available for units where required with the following features considered to be UL listed and labeled:

  • 15 kV and 25 kV voltage ratings
  • Fluid Dielectrics (mineral oil, E200 and Envirotemp FR3 fluids)
  • Visible-breaks (two- and three-position)
  • Mild and stainless steel construction