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Pad-mounted Source Transfer (PST) System

Eaton's Cooper Power series PST pad-mounted source transfer (PST) switchgear with iST control is a compact, outdoor, self-contained system ideal for critical, medium-voltage loads. These applications include healthcare facilities, data centers, broadcast studios and production facilities that require highly dependable power for continuous, optimum operation.

Pad-mounted Source Transfer (PST) System
Fully integrated controls package
Resettable overcurrent protection
Compact, low-profile design
Vacuum interruption
Reliable, low-maintenance service

Core features

  • Provides fast transfer in 6 cycles or less, programmable no-blink parallel restoration through sync check or non-parallel restoration and vacuum interruption
  • Low-profile, self-contained and self-powered deadfront design
  • Offers three-phase switching and fault as well as overcurrent protection
  • Includes SCADA operable, metering and automatic or manual operation
  • Provides communication protocols, ethernet and fiber
  • Offers a fault block, fully-integrated controls and event recording for post-event diagnostics
  • Available in flexible configurations, including one and two-load transfer

Automatic load transfer and overcurrent protection in a single pad-mounted switchgear unit

Eaton’s Cooper Power series PST pad-mounted source transfer package provides protection against loss of source health as well as overcurrent and fault protection for critical loads. It features deadfront source and tap cable compartments, and a sealed tank.

Advanced metering, control and communications tools

Eaton’s Cooper Power series iST control detects loss of source health and automatically transfers the load between the preferred and alternate sources as well as provides fault detection.