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Power fuses

Eaton’s Cooper Power series fuses are available in a range of kV and amp ratings for protection of transformers and other electrical apparatus. Boric acid, expulsion-style fuses are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and provide an economical alternative to refillable fuses. Cooper Power series general purpose power fuses are full-range fuses that provide consistent clearing of low currents as well as reliable, high-speed interruption of high magnitude short-circuit currents. The under-oil fuses are designed to operate in fluid-filled distribution apparatus.

Power fuses
Field-proven performance
Variety of speeds
Fits most applications

Core features

  • The "E" rated fuses have time-current characteristics that coordinate easily with other upstream and downstream protective devices
  • The CMU power fuse interrupts at a natural current zero in the current wave and allows a minimum of a half cycle of fault current to flow before the fault is cleared. The time-current characteristics associated with a CMU power fuse have a gradual slope, making it easier to coordinate with downstream equipment
  • The CMU power fuse is ideal for higher voltage (up to 38 kV) and high current applications (through 200 A). Proper coordination can be achieved through use of the appropriate time-current curves
  • The ELG current limiting power fuse fits in a standard power fuse mountings and are suitable for indoor and outdoor fuse installations
  • The CMU power fuse is offered in three configuration for use with high currents: “E” (standard), “K” (fast) and “SE” (slow). The curves for the “SE” are less inverse and allow for more of a time delay at high currents
  • ELSG fuses have been tested and meet all requirements set forth in IEEE Std C37.40, Std C37.41 and IEEE Std C37.46 standards
  • ELSG fuses have been tested and meet all requirements set forth in IEEE Std C37.40, Std C37.41 and IEEE Std C37.46 standards         

Ultimate protection with CMU power fuses

Cooper Power series CMU power fuses provide ultimate protection from 17 thru 38 kV. These Cal Fire-compliant fuses come in three speeds and K, E and SE ratings to meet every application.

Field-proven reliability in every fuse

The CMU fuses have field-proven technology built for years of reliable service. The CMU fuse can be used in in most OEM or replacement applications regardless of the holder manufacturer.