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Secondary (LV) arresters

Eaton’s Cooper Power series low-voltage distribution-class surge arresters provide surge protection to low voltage (175-650 VAC) indoor and outdoor applications. 

VariSTAR StormTrapper secondary class MOV surge arrester
Handles surges in LV circuits
Improved system reliability
First low-voltage distribution-class arrester
Protecting LV circuits
Indoor and outdoor applications
Multiple design options

Core features

  • VariSTAR Storm Trapper secondary class MOV surge arrester is designed to provide overvoltage protection for low voltage equipment and distribution circuits
  • Type L secondary arresters protect street-lighting controls, low-voltage relays, railroad-signal circuits and circuits used for fire alarms, remote metering and airport lighting
  • Protective gaps are auxiliary devices which serve to isolate electrical equipment during normal service conditions and provide a path to ground for surge current during arrester operations
  • Type S4 secondary arresters are designed to provide protection of low-voltage equipment, secondary distribution circuits, control circuits and signal circuits up to 650 Vac.
  • Indoor and outdoor industrial applications from 175 to 650 VAC
  • Meet all requirements for light duty distribution class arresters per IEEE Std C62.11 standard

Pioneering low-voltage, distribution-class arrester technology

The Storm Trapper H.E. arrester was the industry's first low-voltage distribution-class arrester, meeting requirements for light-duty distribution class arresters per IEEE Std C62.11 -1993 standard.

Reduced transformer failure rates

Years of research on low-voltage secondary circuits concluded that the types and magnitudes of surges possible in these circuits can be severe. The Storm Trapper H.E. arrester is designed to reliably handle these stresses, helping to reduce transformer failure rates when surge protection is added to transformer secondary bushings.