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Unfused capacitor units

Eaton's Cooper Power series medium-voltage, single-phase, all-film, unfused capacitors feature extended-foil elements, solderless connections and laser-cut aluminum foil in a high stacking factor design. Designed, manufactured and tested to meet or exceed the requirements of applicable ANSI/IEEE/IEC standards, these capacitors are a simple, economical and reliable source of reactive power on electric power systems.

Unfused capacitor units
Personnel safety
Superior definite tank rupture characteristics
Environmentally friendly
Decreased CO2 emissions
Various applications
Standard Duty through Extreme Duty ratings

Core features

  • All-film, extended-foil, solderless capacitors with a high stacking factor
  • Stainless-steel tank with light-gray finish for resistance to severely corrosive atmospheres
  • Environmentally acceptable proprietary Edisol VI dielectric fluid that provides an ideal balance between low- and high-ambient temperature operation
  • Light-gray, porcelain bushings: glazed for high strength and durability and hermetically sealed with gasket-free design
  • Internal discharge resistors that reduce terminal voltage to meet IEEE and IEC standards requirements after the capacitor has been disconnected

Surge application solution

Eaton’s surge capacitor offering provides a cost-effective solution to absorb energy generated during surges events – lightning strikes, switching surges, equipment failures, etc. Electrical surges are common occurrences on power systems, which can be damaging to sensitive equipment such as transformers, generators, motors, reactors, and other similar type equipment with insulated windings.

CapSeal bushing bonding process enables significant environmental benefits

Eaton’s capacitor unit construction features our CapSeal bushing bonding process. The bushings are hermetically sealed via a molecular bond at both mating ends providing a gasketless, swageless design that eliminates seal degradation failure opportunities. This process has enabled significant environmental benefits – greatly reducing precious metals and flux usage, decreasing 75% of zinc content from waste water and enabling Eaton’s Greenwood Emerald Road facility to fully eliminate lead.

Exceptional dielectric solution

Dielectric system utilizing polypropylene film and proprietary Edisol VI fluid achieves industry-leading ambient temperature applications. Each unit is individually monitored in a closed loop fluid impregnation system to prevent contamination. Fluid impregnation and gas molecule evacuation is superior to batch fill designs, resulting in reduced infantile failure rates and lasting performance. Leak and performance testing is conducted on 100% of units at three key manufacturing gates to assure product integrity.

Reliable foil design

Construction features extended-foil elements, mechanically crimped with a laser-cut aluminum foil active edge. Solderless connections eliminate localized heating and cold solder joint failure modes, ensuring exceptional uniform current distribution resulting in outstanding transient performance. Laser cut process precisely controls a uniform rounded edge reducing the electric field stress, significantly increasing the discharge inception voltage (DIV) to the highest design margin in the industry.

Severe environmental exposure

Eaton's capacitor units are designed, constructed and tested to provide unparalleled performance in the harshest environments. The tank is constructed from titanium stabilized 409 stainless steel, robotically welded and painted with epoxy primer and urethane topcoat. This construction features a copper impregnation fill tube, nickel plated terminals and proprietary bonding techniques. Extra creepage bushings are available for contaminated and high altitude needs. Units are validated to ANSI C57.12.29 coastal environment standard.

Universal solution for multiple applications

Eaton’s capacitor design has been field proven in a variety of applications. Product expertise is leveraged to make a standard design capable of being tailored for custom needs such as indoor and outdoor applications, pole-mounted, open air, metal enclosed and mobile bank solutions and specialized needs including shunt, series, High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC), Static Var Compensation (SVC), filter applications and micro banks.