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VSO three-phase recloser

Eaton's Cooper Power series VSO recloser features three vacuum interrupters, oil insulation and an operating mechanism in an integral mounting frame. The electronic control is housed in a separate cabinet. Constructed of welded angle- and channel steel, the VSO recloser frame facilitates recloser handling, simplifies mounting procedures and adds rigidity to the mounting structure. It provides a convenient mounting location for the tank-lifting windlass, which allows easy access to the interior of the recloser whether it is mounted on the pole or in the substation.

VSO three-phase recloser
Vacuum interruption
Extended maintenance intervals
High continuous current rating
Substation or main feeder protection applications
Form 4D or Form 6 recloser control
Coordination flexibility

Core features

  • High continuous current rating and a high fault-current-clearing capability make the VSO recloser an ideal selection for substation or main feeder protection applications
  • High reliability resulting from the application of time-tested vacuum interruption and control technologies to this higher-rated recloser
  • Extended maintenance intervals with long-life maintenance-free vacuum interrupters that eliminate oil contamination from arcing by-products
  • Simplified coordination with the Form 4D recloser control, or enhanced coordination flexibility with the Form 6 recloser control
  • Rating of 560 amps maximum continuous current (extendable to 800 amps with an accessory) and 12000 or 16000 symmetrical amps maximum interrupting current at a maximum voltage of 38 kV

Recloser control coordination options

Type VSO recloser is electronically controlled by an Eaton’s Cooper Power series recloser control. A choice of two controls can be used in conjunction with this recloser. Use the Form 4D control for simplified coordination or the Form 6 control for enhanced coordination flexibility.

Windlass accessory for personnel efficiency

One person can easily lower and raise the oil-filled tank with the windlass accessory, which is usable with pole-mounted or substation-mounted VSO reclosers. The windlass features a 30-to-1 ratio worm-and-pinion gear box that minimizes cranking effort and holds the tank stationary any time cranking is stopped and the operator’s hand is removed from the crank. A shear pin connects the crank to the gear box shaft to guard against overstressing the mechanism when the tank is fully raised. Supplied partly assembled to newly ordered VSO reclosers, the windlass accessory can also be ordered separately for addition to reclosers in the field.