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W, VW, WV, VWV three-phase recloser

Easily installed on poles and in substations, Eaton's Cooper Power series W-group three-phase, hydraulically controlled automatic circuit reclosers provide reliable, economic overcurrent protection. Available with vacuum or oil interruption, tripping is initiated by a series trip coil that releases the stored-energy trip mechanism when an overcurrent occurs. A closing solenoid supplies the energy for contact closing and also stores energy in the trip mechanism. Dual time-current characteristics permit coordination with other protective devices. A choice of four delayed characteristics allows flexibility in system coordination. 

W, VW, WV, VWV three-phase recloser
Compact and self-contained
Easily installed on poles and in substations
Internal mechanism suspended from head casting
Easy field access to the contacts and the mechanism
Vacuum arc-interrupting medium
Long contact life and duty cycles

Core features

  • Reliable, economical overcurrent protection for distribution circuits 
  • Compact and self-contained in operations, can be easily installed on poles and in substations. 
  • Can be readily coordinated with circuit breakers, sectionalizers, fuses and other reclosers on the distribution system
  • Broad application capabilities permit the user to select exactly the right recloser for the protection required
  • Accessories permit tailoring a recloser to specific application requirements
  • Mounting equipment for both pole and substation facilitates installing a recloser precisely where system requirements demand its protection

Ratings available for equipment coordination

Eaton's Cooper Power series three-phase W-group reclosers are designed to protect circuits on systems operating through 34.5 kV. With the ratings available and the ability of these reclosers to coordinate with other protective equipment, including lower-rated reclosers, they can be applied in a variety of schemes. The range of protection can be extended by a ground-trip accessory, which provides protection against ground-fault currents that are less than the minimum-trip value of the series coils. Flexibility of application is greatly enhanced by accessories that enable remote control of the recloser.

Vacuum interruption reduces mechanical stress

Vacuum interrupters provide fast, low-energy arc interruption with long contact and interrupter life, low mechanical stress and maximum operating safety. With arc interruption taking place in a vacuum, contact and interrupter life are several times greater than with interruption in oil, and interrupter maintenance is virtually eliminated. Because of the shorter contact stroke, mechanical stress and wear on the mechanism is substantially reduced.