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WE, WVE, VWE, VWVE three-phase recloser

Easily installed on poles and in substations, Eaton's Cooper Power series W-group three-phase, electronically controlled automatic circuit reclosers provide reliable, economic overcurrent protection. Available with vacuum or oil interruption, tripping is initiated by a series trip coil that releases the stored-energy trip mechanism when an overcurrent occurs. A closing solenoid supplies the energy for contact closing and also stores energy in the trip mechanism. Dual time-current characteristics permit coordination with other protective devices. A choice of four delayed characteristics allows flexibility in system coordination.

VWVE38X recloser
Compact in design
Easily installed on poles or in substations
Precise and unvaried trip times
Close device coordination
Dual time-current characteristics
Coordination flexibility

Core features

  • Compact in design, these reclosers can be easily installed on poles or in substations
  • Recloser and control accessories enable further tailoring of the protective program to achieve maximum system operating flexibility
  • Mounting equipment, available for pole or substation, eases installation of the recloser wherever system requirements demand
  • Recloser settings are configured by the electronic control with accurate, preset tripping characteristics and reclosing times
  • Trip times are precise and unvaried, enabling close coordination with other protective devices on the system
  • When system requirements change, program settings are easily altered with no sacrifice of accuracy or consistency

Vacuum interruption reduces mechanical stress

Vacuum interrupters provide fast, low-energy arc interruption with long contact and interrupter life, low mechanical stress and maximum operating safety. With arc interruption taking place in a vacuum, contact and interrupter life are several times greater than with interruption in oil, virtually eliminating interrupter maintenance. Because of the shorter contact stroke, mechanical stress and wear on the mechanism is substantially reduced.

Recloser control choice to meet application requirements

Eaton's Cooper Power series Form 6 control provides maximum protective hardware design and simple interactive graphical interfaces for complete user customization. All standard control operating parameters are keyboard programmable. ProView software is used to configure control settings, record metering information and establish communication parameters. The Form 4D control performs outstanding protection, metering and communication functions and has fully modular communication to meet expanded SCADA and automation applications. The Form 4D control front panel can be used to program and interrogate the control, as well as to display metering and alarm information. Control parameters can also be programmed via ProView NXG interface software.