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WAVES High Power Speaker Arrays

Today’s threats require clear, concise and intrusive voice messages that communicate how people should respond in an emergency. That’s why WAVES High Power Speaker Arrays (HPSA), part of Eaton’s ALERiTY solutions, are the perfect Mass Notification Systems (MNS) for notifying your community.

WAVES HPSAs broadcast live and pre-recorded intelligible voice messages and tones, covering large geographic areas. As a premier provider to the federal government, Eaton’s advanced wide-area mass notification solutions instantly inform people of exactly what to do and where to go with clear, intelligible and timely communications. Whether it’s a public venue, school yard or college or corporate campus, these Giant Voice speaker arrays ensure that you get the right message to the right people at the right time. Eaton has multiple offerings to meet your organization’s needs, including the HPSA-8100-R, HPSA-7100-R, and a Mobile Speaker Array (MSA). 

WAVES WAMNS wide are mns HPSA-7100 high power speaker array center view
Number of Speakers
2, 4, 6, or 8 horns
Frequency response
300 Hz to 6 kHz
TUV certification

HPSA-8100-R series

Broadcasts live and pre-recorded announcements originating from the WAVES Integrated Base Station (IBS-8400 series) via secure, robust and reliable Ethernet communications network devices, IP Communicators (IPC). Through a Web-client server solution, remote activation and monitoring of HPSAs are available via multiple command and control stations. Both wired and wireless solutions are available.

HPSA-7100-R series

Integrates directly to your existing audio source, including voice-capable Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACP), providing a simple upgrade path to expand coverage to outdoor areas. It can be also be integrated with Eaton’s SAFEPATH Voice Evacuation Systems (SP40S) and Mass Notification Systems (SPMNS).

Leading intelligibility & Energy Efficiency

  • Vertical line arrays approximate a line source of sound, creating a nearly cylindrical sound propagation pattern, resulting in balanced sound power output; Messages are clearly heard at 2000 ft as 200 ft
  • Directing sound where you need it: HPSA speakers can be mounted for omni-directional and directional speaker coverage
  • Advanced amplification system enables lower current draw and increased battery life, requiring fewer speakers and significantly less power for a substantially larger range

    Accessories & Mounting Options

    • HPSA-MIC: optional microphone panel that is used for set-up and testing purposes. Mounts directly inside the HPSA electronics cabinet
    • Horn-mount kits include the HRNMT-100 chain mount kit and the HRNMT-250 tripod. Both are designed to mount the 2, 4, 6, and 8 horn High Power Speaker Array (HPSA) assemblies

      Multi-use applications

      From New York to the National Capital Region, Eaton is helping emergency managers and security professionals in more than 500 MNS installations worldwide deliver critical alerts when it matters most. Eaton’s Wide-Area Mass Notification Systems are successfully providing emergency communications for all types of threats and disasters. These Giant Voice systems can also be used for general announcements, crowd control, and special events.

      Customer success story

      Learn how one resort in Texas expands its emergency communications system to outdoor areas with WAVES High Power Speaker Array (HPSA-7100-R series).

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