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WAVES Integrated Base Stations

WAVES Integrated Base Stations (IBS) are advanced, configurable control systems, part of ALERiTY's mass notification system for distributing critical information before, during and after an emergency.

With an intuitive, easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI), WAVES IBS seamlessly integrates in-building and wide-area mass notification systems (MNS), providing secure activation of audible, visual and data messages and status monitoring of the MNS.

The system can operate as a stand-alone MNS or be integrated with other communication, fire and security systems for improved situational awareness. 

WAVES IBS integrated base station center view


  • Seamlessly integrates in-building and wide-area mass notification systems
  • Interoperable with other life safety and security systems, including fire alarm control panels, paging systems, public address systems; bollards, gates, sensors, detection systems, and distributed recipient MNS

    Easy to use & maintain

    • One click solution to launch indoor & outdoor systems
    • Remote access to activate messages and monitor the system
    • Online network diagnostics and configuration

    Reliabile & secure

    • Premier supplier of MNS to US Department of Defense - 200+ military installations; Battle-tested and battle proven
    • Multiple points of command & control through web-client GUI
    • Standby servers available, independent secondary servers to keep your system up and running
    • Supervised system heart beat – System devices continuously send status

    IBS 8400 series

    • Manages IPC only systems
    • Model numbers: IBS-8432 (120V) and IBS-8432-220 (230V)
    • Components: IPC2, computer processor, audio/data unit, microphone; keyboard and mouse; uninterruptible power supply
    • Software sold separately: WAVES-HD-8101 (Server), WAVES-HD-8101C (Command Center), WAVES-HD-8101SC (Standby Server/Command Center)
    • Monitor sold separately
    • Accessory: DTMF-8000 provides remote activation of MNS messages
    Approvals for IBS-8400
    TÜV certification: UL/CSA/EN 60950-1; FCC part 15 and ICES-003

    IBS 0300 series

    • Capable of managing both TRX and IPC networks
    • Model numbers: IBS-0334-HD and IBS-0334-HD-IPC
    • Components: Computer processor, audio/data unit, microphone, and software, WAVES-HD-8101 (Server). The IBS-0334-HD-IPC also includes the IPC-8021, which is required to manage the IPC network
    • Monitor and uninterruptible power supply sold separately
    • Accessories: DTMF-8000 provides remote activation of MNS messages; NAB-0330 connects the IBS with remote WAVES systems for expanded coverage, control and monitoring

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