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WAVES IP Communicators

The WAVES Mass Notification System (MNS), part of the ALERiTY integrated platform, is comprised of a collection of secure, robust and reliable Ethernet communication devices, IP Communicators (IPC). 

Wired directly to a LAN or through its own private network, the IPC sends audible, visual and data messages via an RTP multicast stream. It provides wired connections between IPCs and/or wirelessly through Eaton approved radios (RADIO-500G and RADIO-900M).

WAVES IP Communicators (IPC) collage
Ethernet Port (Standard)
10/ 100 Base-T; 4 x RJ45 - IEEE 802.3
Input & Relays
3 digital inputs
3 commandable relays

IPC Model Numbers

  • IPC-8020: IPC2 included in an indoor wall-mount enclosure
  • IPC-8121: IPC2 included in an outdoor NEMA enclosure
  • IPC-8001: 2 IPCs included in an indoor desktop enclosure; Connects to IBS-0300 series for hybrid system only (TRX & IPC)
  • IPC and IPC2: Line replacement unit onlys
  • UPS-8001 battery backup
  • UPS-8002 battery charger

    IP network for site-wide communications

    • End-to-end IP communications network
    • LAN-based device that can reside on either an organization’s current network infrastructure or on its own private network
    • Each IPC unit has a unique address and is individually software-controlled from the IBS
    Power Out/Line-level Audio In/Out/2 x 15 Watt Amplifier Out
    VDC (IPC2)
    Standard 15 VDC output/27 VDC isolated output
    Serial Connection


    Advanced Protocol Interface built into the IPCs to integrate with other systems, including Fire Alarm Control Panels, paging systems, and other notification systems.

    Supervision & Monitoring

    Each IPC unit conducts supervisory built-in self-tests (BIT) that are reported to the WAVES Integrated Base Station, where it is displayed and logged Online network diagnostics and configuration
    Approvals & Rating
    TÜV certification - UL/CSA/EN 60950-1

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