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High density network rack (HDNR)

The High Density Network Rack (HDNR) system is an innovative open-frame rack solution with a full line of rack, cable management, power and airflow accessories.  The HDNR is able to provide adjustable in-rack cable management, equipment mounting rails and airflow accessories to deliver industry-leading flexibility, density and reliable mounting of critical network equipment. 

HDNR Features and Benefits

  • Wide range of PDU mounting configurations 
  • Compatible with Eaton's RCM+ cable management and rack accessories  
  •  2,200 lb. tested static load rating
  • Self-bonding grounding throughout the rack
  • ePDU mounting solutions which allow installation of network equipment without removing power
  • UL and OSHPD OPM Verified
  • Reinforced anchor plates for greater seismic rating
  • Airflow management compatible with Cisco Catalyst and Nexus Series network equipment
  • Sturdy and secure high capacity cable managers provide maximum support for network cabling

Flexible rack and cable management features

  • Rear rail adjustment
  • Adjustable overhead drop-outs
  • Adjustable runway mounting brackets
  • Adjustable cable strap brackets
  • Side panels and air-baffle mounting
  • Adjustable high-capacity rack waterfalls

Helps maximize density

  • Up to 10% increase in total cable capacity vs. leading competitor high density rack systems
  • High capacity vertical cable managers support the most advanced cabling applications
  • Tool-less, in rack ePDU mounting provides greater access to critical power systems
  • Low profile air baffles accommodate efficient management of side breathing network switches while minimizing total rack footprint


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