Eaton 9170+ and FERRUPS training

1st Responder Course Information (1.5 days in length)



The UPS First Responder course is designed for end-users who are responsible for performing routing operation of the UPS and who are tasked to identify and react to alarm conditions. The course emphasizes fundamentals of UPS operation and how to respond to UPS alarms. The course is delivered in the form of lecture/discussion sessions and practical hands-on application sessions.

  1. Course Objectives
    • Basic UPS Theory
    • UPS Operation Safety
    • Operation of the UPS as a single and/or parallel module system
    • Protect the critical load in emergency situations
    • Terminal communication with the UPS
    • Identifying and responding to UPS alarm conditions
    • Conduct proactive system performance checks
  2. Prerequisites

    The prospective student should have general knowledge of electrical and electronics theory. Knowledge of computer applications such as Microsoft Windows and Microsoft HyperTerminal are strongly recommended as well.


  1. Course Orientation
    • Introduction (personal introductions; overview of relevant technical literature)
    • Course structure (objectives, schedule, and expectations)
    • Training lab safety (safety rules, PPE, LOTO)
  2. UPS Theory
    • General
      • Purpose of a UPS
      • Nine power problems
      • Types of UPS
      • Major components
    • UPS model-specific
      • Basic overview/description of the UPS model (features and configurations)
      • Specifications (kVA ratings, input, output, environmental, battery)
      • Modes of operation (reverse transfer and parallel)
      • UPS safety
  3. Operating Procedures
    • Reverse Transfer
      • LCD screen controls and navigation
      • Startup
      • Shutdown
      • Maintenance bypass
      • EPO
    • Parallel
      • LCD screen controls and navigation
      • Startup
      • Shutdown
      • Maintenance bypass
      • EPO
  4. Terminal Communication with the UPS (Hyperterminal)
    • Accessing and saving logs
    • Video mode
  5. Identifying and Responding to UPS Alarm Conditions
    • Review
      • Interpreting LEDs on the UPS front panel
      • Accessing logs via the UPS front panel
      • Silencing alarms
      • Placing a system (or module) into maintenance bypass
    • Basic troubleshooting
    • Contacting technical support
      • Locating the UPS serial number
      • Technical support contact information (Internet, phone, email)
  6. Proactive System Performance Checks
    • Daily
    • Monthly


The course length will vary by product.


CLASSES TAUGHT AT THE RALEIGH TRAINING FACILITY: Students will receive classroom instruction on theoretical concepts, which may include the use of Eaton product videos. Operational concepts will be taught in the form of interactive lab exercises. The relevant installation and operation manuals will be used during instructional delivery, and at no point will students be provided with accompanying service manuals.

ON-SITE CUSTOMER CLASSES: The training department regularly receives requests from customers for classes to be delivered at the customer’s location. In such instances, on-site training will be conducted in the same manner as courses conducted in Raleigh (provided that the customer has similar switchgear and has provided the technical instructor with a release on the UPS). Instances in which the customer does not provide a release on the UPS, the technical instructor’s ability to mimic the training provided at the Raleigh training center will be severely impacted. Additionally, technical instructors may also be called upon to tailor instructional delivery based on situations outside of Eaton’s control (such as custom site installations, the customer’s request to shorten instructional time, etc.)


Each student will be evaluated based on two criteria, unless specified otherwise contractually:

  • Actively participate in hands-on portion of training
  • Actively participate in class during the lecture / discussion portion of the course


  • Installation / Operation Manual, specified by product type


  • Training can be conducted at the customer’s site or;
  • Training can be conducted at the Eaton Training Center located at 4812 Hargrove Road, Raleigh, NC, 27616.


  • Classes start at 8:30 a.m. and end at 4:30 p.m. (unless the course lasts for 1 ½ days, in which case the last day of class concludes at noon).
  • Course dates are provided at the discretion of the Eaton Training Department and distributed through normal commercial channels. Contact the Training Coordinator at #919-877-4421 or e-mail:
  • Scheduling for 1st Responder Training on-site will be provided within 45 days after receipt of order.


  • EH Rated Leather Safety Shoes
  • Laptop with terminal emulation software (e.g. HyperTerminal)
  • Serial Cable with 9-pin male / 9-pin female connection
  • Safety Glasses – NFPA Standard Z87.1

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