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Top five UPS components that require preventive maintenance

While numerous backup power UPS components are susceptible to failure, a preventive maintenance service plan ensures these parts are regularly examined, which greatly reduces the risk of a load loss and extends the overall lifespan of your UPS. Preventive maintenance dramatically improves the performance, availability and service life of critical equipment and significantly reduces the number of issues that your equipment experiences.

1. UPS batteries

UPS battery life is affected by many factors, including shelf life, storage and acceptance testing, ambient temperature, battery chemistry, and cycling. UPS battery maintenance can allow you to estimate when the end of life will be reached and when you should schedule replacements.

2. UPS capacitors

A UPS capacitor is a device that stores and releases electrical energy. They can be as small as a thumbnail or as large as a soda can. To maximize the performance and reliability of your UPS, treat capacitors as the perishable commodity they are, and plan on replacing them at or near the end of their rated service life. Eaton field technicians can diagnose the condition of the capacitors in UPSs and perform a full or partial replacement of capacitor banks, if necessary, to maintain UPS performance up to factory specifications.

3. UPS air filters

Did you know dust can block UPS air filters and cause a UPS to shut down due to overheating? To avoid this, air filters on a UPS must be inspected every month. Replacing UPS air filters is an inexpensive component of a comprehensive and effective UPS maintenance plan.

4. UPS component connections

Vibrations from buildings, local construction projects or machinery close to the UPS may affect internal connections. Eaton recommends that you have your UPS scanned every three months to check for hot spots and checked annually with a complete mechanical review of the UPS and battery cabinets.

5. Redundant power supplies

Although a UPS has redundant power supplies, it's possible for power supplies to suffer from input voltage surges, which can cause unexpected stress and overheating. You can detect and avoid potential issues with regular inspections.

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Eliminate UPS component risk with remote monitoring service

Your team—however big or small—has more to tend to than just the IT and facilities environments. That’s where remote monitoring and predictive analytics can make a difference. PredictPulse remote monitoring service is a cloud-based monitoring and management service that collects and analyzes data from connected power infrastructure devices, providing the insight needed to make recommendations and take action on your behalf. PredictPulse proactively monitors and manages power so you can: 
  • Focus on other critical tasks while this predictive analytics service and Eaton’s remote monitoring team oversee your power infrastructure remotely. 
  • Eliminate surprise maintenance expenses. This subscription-based service includes parts, on-going preventive maintenance and expedited repairs
  • Utilize Eaton’s propriety algorithms, based on data from thousands of installed devices to predict UPS component failure and proactively replace parts before issues arise.



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