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Series 20 steering control unit

With integral wide-angle technology, the Eaton Series 20 steering control unit offers smooth, precise steering in a compact design. Give operators the low-effort steering feel they want, and engineers the space requirements and reduced system costs they need.
38 to 151 L/min (10 to 40 gal/min)
240 bar (3,500 psi)
Rigid-frame and articulated vehicles

Smooth, precision steering that operators want

The Series 20 steering control unit provides one of the smoothest steering experiences you’ll find. Features include:

  • Seal and centering spring designs deliver positive, low-effort steering feel and excellent vehicle control
  • Standard wide-angle technology eliminates or reduces jerking motion on articulated vehicles. Learn more >
  • Optional Q-Amp and VersaSteer technologies enable variable steering ratio and manual steering capability.
Excavator and dump truck on construction site

Advanced design features that engineers need

The Series 20 steering control unit gives you the design flexibility you need while reducing system costs and space requirements. Features include:

  • Symmetrical valving increases balance for precise servo response and uniform steering action
  • Balanced architecture provides industry-leading pressure and flow ratings with lower pressure drop than the competition
  • High-capacity gerotor provides ample fluid displacement in a compact unit
  • Integrated valves and standard load sensing match performance to load requirements
  • Thicker sleeve design ensures stability, even under transient pressure and thermal conditions
  • Wide-angle technology eliminates the need for cushion valves and accumulators, reducing system costs

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The Series 20 steering control unit is ideal for both articulated and rigid-frame vehicles, including: 
  • Loaders
  • Dump trucks
  • Mining equipment


  • Transporters
  • Tractors
  • Sprayers

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