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4Dimension trapeze hangers

The 4Dimension strut system is designed for building and installing support systems for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, HVAC, and data centers in both new and retrofit industrial and commercial applications.

The system is compatible with 90% of current B-Line series fittings and accessories, and includes unique 4Dimension trapeze accessories. 

By using the Flip Clip or the turn-and-lock trapeze accessories with 4Dimension strut, installers can save up to 50% on installation time and cost. 

4Dimension trapeze hangers

Flip Clip trapeze accessory

The Flip Clip trapeze accessory easily slides into the ends of the 4Dimension strut. It accepts both 3/8" or ½" all threaded rod, and self-locks into place on 4Dimension slotted hole channel. It can also be used with 4Dimension long hole and solid channel with the addition of a self-tap screw to lock it into place. 

Turn and lock trapeze solution

The 4Dimension turn-and-lock trapeze accessory features a unique locking mechanism that eliminates the need for lock nuts, reducing the required parts by up to 50%.

The turn-and-lock trapeze accessory attaches onto 3/8" all threaded rod at any point along its length, helping reduce the need for hex nuts, all while saving installation time for users. 

Save time, space, and lower installed cost on MEP support applications

To be competitive in today’s challenging market, it’s important to leverage support solutions that provide flexibility, maximize space and lower total installed cost.
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