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The 4Dimension trapeze hangers combined with the 4Dimension strut channel allow installers to save time, space and materials.  For additional information and specifications, view or download our 4Dimension strut catalog.


4Dimension Flip Clip trapeze hanger 

  • Designed exclusively for use with 4Dimension strut channel
  • Mechanically locks in place when used with 4Dimension SH hole pattern channel.  Ensure the tab on the horizontal side is bent to engage in the SH slot.
  • Recommend a self-tapping set screw when used in 4Dimension solid channel or S hole pattern channel
  • Requires hex nut for location placement on ATR
  • Provides more usable area for trapeze application
  • Sold in pieces (when used as trapeze hangers, two pieces are required)
  • Loading Safety Factor: 2.5
  • Zinc plated steel or Stainless Steel Type 316 (add SS6 to part number)

* Design load when used in pairs as a trapeze solution. Consult beam loading charts in the 4Dimension catalog for channel loading.


Part number



Rod size

3/8" - 16

1/2" - 13

Design load*

770 lbs. (3.42 kN)

880 lbs. (3.56 kN)


4Dimension two-piece turn and lock trapeze hanger

  • Exclusively designed to work with 4Dimension strut channel
  • Not intended for continuous open slot or solid dove-tail slot
  • Can be installed in any desired position on the ATR, helping eliminate the need to thread hex nuts up along ATR
  • No additional hardware required
  • Used in ‘SH’ slot with open face of channel facing up or down
  • Interlocking/alignment tabs on top of part for easy assembly, installation, and adjustment
  • Sold in pairs as shown below (one left side and one right side)
  • When used as trapeze hangers, two sets are required
  • Loading Safety Factor: 2.5

* Design load when used in pairs as a trapeze solution.  Consult beam loading charts in the 4Dimension strut catalog for channel loading.

Part number


Thread size

3/8" - 16

Loading * 

1155 lbs. (5.14 kN)

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