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Cable containment solutions 

Eaton offers three cable containment solutions for securing cables. For model numbers and specifications, refer to the Eaton B-Line series cable tray catalog, cable cleat section.

Cable cleats / cable fixings

  • Available in trefoil and single cable cleats
  • Restrain cables in installations where the highest levels of short circuits withstand are required
  • Short circuit tested in accordance with BS EN 50368:2003 standard
  • Available for single and trefoil cable applications
  • LSF-pad is integral low smoke, low fume, zero halogen pad
  • Hardware to attach cleat to rung included 

Conduit cable clamp

  • Optimize space and supports required by attaching conduit directly to the bottom of the tray
  • Easily attaches to cable tray rungs to secure cables
  • One-piece assembled product, installs easily and removes without disconnecting adjacent clamps
  • Helps secure cables easily with protective saddle, which helps prevent damage to conduit or cable
  • Clamp works on equal trade sizes for both EMT and rigid conduit
  • Available in pre-galvanized and stainless steel 316
  • UL Listed in US and Canada 

Stainless steel banding

  • Segment cables no matter the cable tray orientation
  • Meets U.S. Coast Guard requirement
  • Available in stainless steel 316 
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