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B-Line series Redi-Rail cable tray specifications

For additional specifications and load details, refer to the Redi-Rail cable tray section of the B-Line series cable tray catalog.  

Redi-Rail cable tray straight sections

  • Series: RSI04A , RSI05A, RSI06A, and RSI07A
  • Height options: 4 and 5 inch
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Knockout options: Blank, 1/2, 3/4 or 1 inches
  • Ladder rung spacing options: 6, 9 or 12 inches
  • Trough options: Ventilated or solid bottom
  • Width options: 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 30 and 36 inches
  • Length options: 10 or 12 foot options

Redi-Rail cable tray system fittings

  • Horizontal bends
  • Horizontal tee
  • Horizontal cross
  • Vertical inside bend
  • Vertical outside bend
  • Vertical tee down
  • Vertical tee up
  • Expanding / reducing tees
  • Expanding / reducing cross


Universal fitting

The unique design of the universal fitting allows for easy field modifications for a tee or cross fitting with just one fitting option.  

Model numbers

  • Punched option: R(*)A-UF-(†)
  • Solid option: R(*)ASB-UF-(†)
  • Insert Height (*) and Width (†)
  • For covers for fittings, see covers in catalog.

Corner post for universal fitting

Use to create reducing fittings in the field for punched bottom universal fitting only.

  • R4A-CP for 3 in. (76mm) load depth
  • R5A-CP for 4 in. (101mm) load depth
  • R6A-CP for 5 in. (127mm) load depth
  • R7A-CP for 6 in. (152mm) load depth

Redi-Rail cable tray splice plates and accessories

Eaton offers a wide variety of accessories for the Redi-Rail cable tray line.  The Redi-Rail splice plates are furnished in pairs with 1/4" hardware.   For additional information and more accessories, view or download the Redi-Rail cable management section of the B-Line series cable tray catalog.

Vertical adjustable splice plates

  • For RSI04A, use R4A-VSP
  • For RSI05A, use R5A-VSP
  • For RSI06A, use R6A-VSP
  • For RSI07A, use R7A-VSP

Flex-mount adjustable splice plates

  • For RSI04A, use R4A-FSP 
  • For RSI05A, use R5A-FSP 
  • For RSI06A, use R6A-FSP 
  • For RSI07A, use R7A-FSP

Bonding jumper

  • Furnished in pairs with 1/4" hardware
  • UL classified
  • 14-1/2" (368mm) length
  • Ampacity:  1200
  • Catalog number: 99-30

Hanger rod bracket

  • Furnished as a pair of studded clmaps with 1/4" serrated flanged lock nuts
  • Loading is 1,000 lbs. (4.45kN) per pair with safety factor of 3
  • Position all threaded rod (ATR) 3" (76mm) wider than cable tray
  • For 3/8" ATR, use model 9ZN-R238 (zinc) or 9SS-R238 (stainless steel)
  • For 1/2" ATR, use model 9ZN-R250 (zinc) or 9SS -R250 (stainless steel)

Redi-Rail clamp / guide

  • No-twist design
  • Up to four times the strength of traditioanl design
  • Each side is labeled to help ensure proper installation
  • Designed for 1/2" hardware
  • Model without hardware:  9ZN-1204
  • Model with hardware: 9ZN-1204NB

Redi-Rail center hung tray support

Support allows cable to be laid-in from both sides, and helpseliminate costly cable pulling and field cutting of cable tray supports.   Required hardware and threaded rod material for trapeze assemblies are reduced by 50%. Designed for use with 1/2" threaded rod. (order separately). Use with all aluminum and steel cable trays through 24" (610mm) width.  For additional inforamtion and load / support recommendations, refer to the Redi-Rail cable tray section of the B-Line series cable tray catalog.

  • Model number 9ZN-5212 support designed for use with 6 in. (152mm), 9 in. (229mm) or 12 in. (305mm) tray widths.
  • Model number 9ZN-5224 support designed for use with 18 in. (457mm) or 24 in. (610mm) tray widths.
  • Hardware kit, reference model number: 9ZN-5200
    • Includes:  1 pair of  9ZN-1205, 2 of the HHC Screw 1/"2 x 7/8" ZN, 2 of the  N525 WO ZN, 1 of the B202 ZN 1/2" sq washers, and 2 of the HN 1/2" ZN.

Redi-Rail cable tray covers

Eaton offers a wide variety of covers for its Redi-Rail cable management system.  For additional information, view or download the B-Line series cable tray catalog.

  • Cover types:  Solid or vented 
  • Details: Flanged
  • Materials: Aluminum
  • Cover style:  Straight ladder section
  • Tray width: 6, 9, 12, 18, 18, 24, 30 and 36 inch options
  • Lengths: 10, 12, 6 or 5 feet options

Cover clamp options

† = tray width

  • Standard cover clamp
    • Aluminum: 9A-9012
    • Zinc: 9ZN-9012
  • Heavy duty cover clamp
    • For RSI04A, use model: R4A-HDCC-†
    • For RSI05A, use model: R5A-HDCC-†
    • For RSI06A, use model:  R6A-HDCC-†
    • For RSI07A, use model: R7A-HDCC-†

Redi-Rail cable tray rungs

Due to the unique bolt on design of the Redi-Rail cable tray system, Eaton offers a few options to provide additional rungs for cable pathway additions after installation.  These options are ideal for both new and retrofit applications.  For additional information, refer to the Redi-Rail cable tray section of the B-Line series cable tray catalog.

Out board rungs

Formed aluminum rung with attachment screw bolts easily onto the outer side rails of the Redi-Rail system to provide additional cable pathways.

  • For 4 in. (101mm) fill depth with 6 in. (152mm) wide tray, use model: 9A-SR0406
  • For 4 in. (101mm) fill depth with 9 in. (226mm) wide tray, use model: 9A-SR0409
  • For 5 in. (127mm) fill depth with 6 in. (152mm) wide tray, use model: 9A-SR0506
  • For 6 in. (101mm) fill depth with 9 in. (226mm) wide tray, use model: 9A-SR0509

Add-a-rung kit

Kit allows an additional rung to be added to a desired location throughout the tray system.  Kit includes pre-cut rung sections and hardware.

  • For 6 in. (152mm) tray width, use 9A-R06RK
  • For 9 in. (226mm) tray width, use 9A-R09RK
  • For 12 in. (305mm) tray width, use 9A-R12RK
  • For 18 in. (452mm) tray width, use 9A-R18RK
  • For 24 in. (609mm) tray width, use 9A-R24RK
  • For 30 in. (762mm) tray width, use 9A-R30RK
  • For 36 in. (914mm) tray width, use 9A-R36RK
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