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Taps and adapters

Eaton offers a broad line of accessories for a wide range of needs throughout the home. Surge protection adapters and grounded or ungrounded outlet taps and adapters are manufactured under rigorous quality standards and built with high-quality materials.

Taps and adapters
conveniently offer additional outlets for your power needs

Core features

  • Taps and adapters are made of high impact-resistant thermoplastic for long-term durability
  • Portable strip provides 7 surge-protected outlets anywhere for stereos, TV’s, computers or other electronic-based equipment
  • Surge adapters provide full three mode surge protection for hot to neutral, hot to ground and neutral to ground (except 1156CG)

Protect your valuables

Eaton’s point-of-use protection devices help safeguard sensitive electronic equipment with branch-circuit surge protection that panel mounted surge protectors cannot provide.
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