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Power pedestal accessories

Eaton's metered pedestal type power outlet panel provides the perfect solution for underground metering and power where a building or sub-structure is not feasible or desirable. Metered units measure the amount of electrical energy consumed for tracking or billing purposes. Designed for reliability and durability.

Core features

One-piece case back simplifies installation.
Loop feed lug assembly with 350 kcmil lugs as standard.
Door swings up and pushes in to lock into open position. Pull out and push down to close door, which makes for easy installation and maintenance.
Galvanized steel with baked-on polyester powder coating offers long-term durability in outdoor conditions.
Unique steel barrier prevents unauthorized operation of breakers when door is closed and padlocked.
Removable upper deadfront cover for easy incoming wire connections to breaker terminals.

Parts Handbook Volume VI

Marina Power and RV Park Equipment