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Powerhouse Pedestal

Eaton's Powerhouse RV utility center is our most popular pedestal for single or double RV sites because of its full complement of standard features and available option packages able to meet any user requirement. Because the Powerhouse can accommodate two RV sites, it's an economical pedestal for double site installation. This unit is ideal for new, or when retrofitting, full service RV parks. 

Core features

  • Photocell controlled 4 watt 360° LED lighting with amber lens for bug reduction
  • Lockable weatherproof doors which protect breakers and receptacles while in use (A requirement of N.F.P.A. 303 and NEC Art. 555)
  • Hose and cable brackets
  • White heavy resin housing with a two-part polyurethane coating for a UV resistant, long lasting finish
  • “Hingeless” base providing easy access for both installation and maintenance
  • Backlit faceplate for easy receptacle plug-in at night

Parts Handbook Volume VI

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