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Product Snapshot   Test Method
Viscosity, cSt 100 °C (40 °C): 9.02 (51.6) ASTM D-445
Viscosity, cP -40 °C: 15,400 ASTM D-2983
Viscosity Index: 156 ASTM D-2270
Pour point, °C (°F) -70 (-76) ASTM D-97
Fire point, °C (°F) 240 (464) ASTM D-92
Flash point, °C (°F) 220 (428) ASTM D-92

Approved suppliers

Supplier Product
Eaton Eaton PS-278 Procision Transmission Fluid
BASF Emgard DCT 7200
Pennzoil-Quaker State Company Spirax S6 DCT E 75W-80
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