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CM52 advanced deadfront network protector

Eaton’s CM52 network protector is a low-maintenance network protector that virtually eliminates adjustments, is easy to troubleshoot and has built-in diagnostics. It has the highest interrupting rating in the industry and is the only network protector to carry both a UL certification and BIL rating. It is designed to handle ratings 800 to 4500 A, 216 to 600 V. Testing is quick and safe with a four-position, dead-front, draw-out design. 

CM52 advanced deadfront network protector
Modular design
Standardization and inventory reduction
Designed for quick and safe testing
Improve safety and reduce maintenance costs
Deadfront design
Advanced technology for arc flash safety

Core features

  • Enclosures: Submersible or NEMA
  • Fuse mountings: Internal or external
  • 800A-4500A
  • 216V, 480V, 600V, dual voltage
  • Network Protector Arc Flash Reduction Maintenance System (ARMS)
  • Remote Racking (RemRack)
  • Stacklight

Designed to reduce maintenance time

Featuring four-position, draw-out, dead-front circuit breaker and standardize modular components, Eaton’s CM52 network protector helps to reduce maintenance time, lower inventory costs and simplify training for crews.

Improved network protection

Eaton’s CM52 network protector allows for improved safety and more reliable protection on a network system due to higher ratings and advanced technology additions than legacy protector models.