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Distributed energy resources software applications

Eaton’s CYME Distributed Energy Resources (DER) software applications allow engineers to perfect a network model that reflects the evolving distribution system including distributed generation and storage units and also use the data produced by intelligent devices such as smart meters and sensors. They can then efficiently perform additional analyses and evaluate what-if scenarios related to financial and operational goals.

emerging trends
Various DER & load hosting capacity analysis methods
DER Impact
Fast-track to complete system impact studies
Detailed modeling
Accurate DER modeling including advanced inverter functions

Core features

  • Assess the effects resulting from the interconnections of a single or multiple DER installations on the network
  • Supports modeling of DER, low-, medium- and high-voltage electrical system and associated equipment
  • Provide network hosting capacity without compromising system reliability and power quality
  • Study the impacts of DER output variability on the operations of network controls and the behavior of battery energy storage devices

High-precision DER modeling

Eaton's CYME software supports modeling of DER, low-, medium- and high-voltage electrical system and associated equipment. Constant enhancements to the software ensure that it supports emerging trends and can model various simulations related to the interconnection of distributed generation.

Robust hosting capacity analysis

Specific modules can be added to proactively and efficiently analyze distribution systems capacity for hosting new load or generation resources. Powerful load flow and fault analysis algorithms deliver clear results rapidly.

Advanced network simulation

Eaton's CYME Network Editor supports the complete modeling of DER and additional modules support the advanced simulation of the whole network to allow more detailed analysis of the distribution system inclusive of the DER with electronics and non-linear loads. Combined, these modules help engineers understand the future impacts of modifications to the distribution system, derive realistic scenarios from the results and provide recommendations.
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