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GridAdvisor optical sensor

Eaton's GridAdvisor Insight optical medium-voltage and current sensor system uses an all-optical measurement platform for unparalleled accuracy and precision of both voltage and current across multiple utility voltage classes. Available in a variety of easy-to-install packages with a standardized interface, Eaton’s optical sensors are the ideal solution to retrieve real-time site metrology and intelligence on today’s electrical utility distribution system, substations and underground distribution locations.

GridAdvisor optical sensor
Flexible and modular
Plug-and-play modules
All optical design
Improves safety and mitigates electromagnetic interference
Unmatched data fidelity
Future-proof grid utility monitoring

Core features

  • Voltage and current accuracy of +/- 0.5% with minimal loss of accuracy or precision over entire measurement and temperature range
  • Harmonic voltage response up to the 50th harmonic
  • Power quality and fault measurements
  • Analog and digital outputs for integrating to both legacy and new utility systems

Empower your applications with high quality data

Eaton’s GridAdvisor Insight medium-voltage optical sensors deliver industry-leading voltage and current accuracy of +/- 0.5 %. In combination with Eaton’s m410 optical system processor, these optical sensors provide connectivity to your utility automation applications. This solution enables better characterization of fault events for improved reliability, better understanding of the impacts of renewables and Distributed Energy Resources, and increased efficiencies and savings from Volt-VAR control programs.

Enhance utility grid visibility with submersible optical sensor platform

Read how an electric utility deployed optical sensors to yield feeder reliability data to use toward avoiding failures that can affect customer service (page 19).

Quickly and easily make your substations SCADA-ready

Bringing unmonitored substations online with metering and communications has great operational benefit for utilities. The GridAdvisor Insight optical sensor system provides an easily installed, yet highly accurate monitoring system with built-in communications capability for retrofits or new construction.

Gain insight into underground networks

Underground networks are notoriously difficult and time-consuming to troubleshoot and fix. The GridAdvisor Insight optical sensor platform has solutions to provide highly accurate measurements to identify problems that arise and potentially even predict cable failures before they happen.
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