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SMP Gateway HMI advanced features

System Dashboard

The integrated system dashboard is self-configuring and used for system health monitoring. It displays information such as processor load, internal temperature, clock synchronization status, security status, firmware versions, installed hardware components and settings.

Communication Dashboard

This integrated dashboard is self-configuring and provides a quick overview of the status of all IED and control center communications links.

Redundancy Dashboard (option)

This integrated dashboard is self-configuring and provides a quick overview of the redundancy statuses when two automation platforms are grouped in a redundant configuration.

Alarm Management

The integrated active alarm page displays all active alarms organized according to the user’s configuration. A configurable single alarm display appears at the bottom of most HMI pages, and can be used to acknowledge alarms without having to leave the current page.

All alarms are logged to an alarm log file that can be viewed from the SMP Gateway HMI.


Create and load diagram pages using a dedicated PC-based application with automatic point mapping capability, a comprehensive library of power system display symbols including control objects, trends.

Device Front Panel diagrams

Create device front panel diagrams pages directly from the automation platform configuration file, SMP Config.  The application allows access to the SMP Diagram Editor with automatic point mapping and animation and shape library.  

Real-time data visualization

Pre-configured points lists provide a fast and efficient means to view data values in real-time, highlight changes, perform control operations, and force values during commissioning. All data views provide advanced filtering and searching capabilities.

Non-operational data

In addition to real-time operational data, the SMP Gateway HMI also provides access to archive, statistics and log files with just a click. Data logs such as alarm history, sequence of events, clock synchronisation and distribution, security and many more can be securely accessed.

SMP Gateway HMI system requirements

Supported by

The SMP Gateway HMI is fully integrated into the following automation platforms: SMP 4/DP, SMP SG-4250 and
SMP SG-4260.

Web browser requirements

The web server requires a web browser, preferably Google Chrome.

Local display

If the SMP Gateway HMI is to be used locally, the selected touchscreen must support Elo TouchSystems’ drivers for Windows CE 4.2 or later, and can implement any touchscreen technology except APR, Projected Capacitive and Multi-Touch. A standard display with a mouse is also supported.


A specific SMP Gateway license must be purchased to use alarms management as well as diagrams and device front panel diagrams.

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