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Remote access device communication solutions

Eaton’s Remote Access Device (RAD) was designed to provide utilities with easy-to-use DNP communications for their network system. The RAD has output relays and digital inputs to control anything in the vault. The RAD is a key component to provide instant data from the network and system conditions via a local access web browser. The RAD allows field users to access the network relay, gain network status and control devices from outside the vault or electrical room for enhanced safety.

Remote access device communication solutions
Advanced security features
Configurable access control and privileges
Robust design
All-weather and submersible housing
Built-in web pages
Accessible by user-approved smart devices

Core features

  • Native DNP 3.0 communications
  • Hardwired with optional wireless communication
  • Control and extracts data
  • Activate NP ARMS and OPEN/CLOSE network protector
  • Operates remote racking for CM52
  • Local LED indication for diagnostics and status
  • No battery, special software or application required

Safe, easy-to-use vault communication

With the ability to operate any device in the vault through output control relays and with no battery, special software or application required, the RAD allows field users to access all network data and control all devices from outside the vault resulting in enhanced worker safety.

Secure communications

With features such as timed login/logout sessions, configurable access control and privileges, and local and remote control modes, the RAD provides utilities with advanced secure communications.

Smart design

This new smart design eliminates the need for a plug-in pendant. It controls remote racking devices, NP ARMS and OPEN/CLOSES equipment through local communication.

Seamless integration

Eaton Remote Access Device (RAD) can be installed on any network protector regardless of vintage. It comes with a heavy-duty non-corrosive housing and can be mounted to any standard 1-inch NPT fitting. Install for immediate wireless communication over your smart device to gain real time data and control. Wireless features can be disabled.