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Substation software applications

The design of grounding grids for substations and buildings is a vital part of the overall power system infrastructure assuring constant power supply to consumers. Civil and electrical engineers need pointed analyses that assure installations are fully secure for personnel and also sound and economical construction, connection and operation of the grids along with proper equipment protection.

Precise simulations
Ensure fully secure installations
Substation modeling
Build complete soil and grid models
Assure system safety
Step voltage and touch potential analyses

Core features

  • Perform soil resistivity measurement interpretations
  • Model elevation of ground potential rise
  • Evaluate danger point within any area of interest
  • Create precise models complete with substations

Developing effective grounding grid design

The CYMGRD software assists the engineer in designing the grounding grids and performing soil resistivity measurement interpretations, elevation of ground potential rise and danger point evaluation within any area of interest.

Efficient, effective designs made easy

User-friendly data entry and powerful analysis algorithms make the CYMGRD software an efficient tool which helps engineers arrive at technically sound and economical designs.
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