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Substation grounding

Analytical capabilities

Engineers require powerful analysis tools when they are called on to optimize the design of new grids and reinforce existing grids.

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CYMGRD/AutoCAD interface module

Eaton's CYMGRD/AutoCAD Interface module allows the user to alternate between the AutoCAD and the CYMGRD environments. 

This utility is not a substitute for AutoCAD. In fact, AutoCAD remains a firm software requirement, because it is AutoCAD that will produce the necessary *.DXF or *.DWG file(s) that contain the pictorial description of the substation grid layout realized with the CYMGRD software.

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Power System Analysis and modeling

Network editor

The Network editor features a user-customizable graphical user interface underlying the CYMDIST applications and the complementary CYME analyses modules.

This includes extensive modeling capability of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) equipment and energy storage; along with the definition of all customer types necessary. The software also includes control models that are relevant to the various generation sources. All libraries can be enriched by users.

The Network editor is included in the Distribution System Analysis package (CYMDIST).

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Enhanced substation modeling

This module enables the accurate representation of all major components of a distribution substation as well as  any sub-network, such as a vault, a switching cubicle or an industrial facility. The simulations then take into account the effects of these installations on the overall distribution system.

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Fault analysis

Ensure system safety by assessing the effects of short-circuits (conventional, ANSI, IEC 60909 and IEC 61363), series and simultaneous. Locate faults, verify equipment ratings and study voltage sags.

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Protective device analysis

This module helps power engineers effectively address protection issues by analyzing time-current curves. The library contains over 15,000 protective device curves.

Module features: network protection analysis, minimum fault analysis and sequence of operation.

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ARC flash hazards analysis

Properly assess the arc flash risk level to ensure a safer work environment by computing the necessary parameters required to determine risk level and adopt adequate safety procedures. This includes a new method that factors in backup protection, multiple contribution and duration.

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