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Multimedia plates

Eaton's home theater solutions make it easy to surround yourself with sound, home theater connection and provide simple, clean ways to manage cable installations for home electronics.  

Multimedia plates
provides power receptacle and cable management in one convenient device

Core features

  • Multimedia wallplates are ideal for both new construction and retrofit
  • Multimedia wallplates with surge protection or receptacles are ideal for flat panel TV installations and help protect expensive electronics from power surges
  • Tamper resistant receptacles provide compliance with 2014 NEC® Article 406.12 which states that all 15A and 20A, 125V/AC receptacles installed in dwelling units must be tamper resistant
  • All multimedia wallplates eliminate unsightly wires, cables, and cords
  • Multimedia wallplates are mountable in either direction

Power and surge protection

Multimedia wallplates with surge protection receptacles protect expensive electronics from power surges and have replaceable surge protection modules.

Cable management

A recessed, low-profile reverse nose design provides attractive, neat and clean installation eliminating unsightly wires and plug heads while allowing mounting in either direction.
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