Cooper power series

Eaton’s Cooper Power series product roots come from multiple sources: Kyle, Line Material, McGraw-Edison, RTE, Kearney and Cooper Power Systems, among others. Each company played a key role in the development of modern distribution systems. Many of the common pieces of equipment and practices in use today were developed by these companies. Eaton acquired Cooper Power Systems when it completed its acquisition of Cooper Industries in 2012.


Eaton is proud to trace its heritage back to Thomas A. Edison with the only research and development lab in the industry still named after this prodigious inventor, Thomas A. Edison Technical Center.

McGraw Electric goes back to the turn of the 20th Century. The company started in 1900 as an electrical contractor, wiring houses and connecting doorbells. It expanded into electrical products manufacturing with several acquisitions over the years. In 1952 it merged with Pennsylvania Transformer Company.

The Line Material Company, founded in 1911, grew to be a major force in the electrical manufacturing industry as manufacturers of fuses, switches, line hardware, arresters, transformers and more. Line Material became part of McGraw Electric in 1949.

Thomas A. Edison, Inc., one of Thomas Edison’s original companies, combined with McGraw Electric Company in 1957 to form McGraw-Edison. McGraw-Edison Power Systems joined Cooper in 1985.

Thomas A. Edison Technical Center
L recloser
Kyle Corporation started as Electrical Connectors and Manufacturing Company in 1933. In the early 1940s, Kyle marketed a number of innovative circuit reclosers under the Kyle brand. The brand would become the industry leader in reclosers, sectionalizers and switchgear. In 1947, Kyle merged with Line Material Company.

Founded in 1947 under the name of Rural Transformer and Equipment Company, RTE developed many advances that significantly changed industry practices in underground distribution. It became part of Cooper Power Systems in 1988. When RTE received a patent on the 15 kV loadbreak elbow design in 1966, its potential growth was probably unrealized at the time. It is estimated that there are well over 10,000,000 such elbows in service today. As a leading innovator in the industry, RTE continued to introduce new products for underground distribution systems. RTE was the first to develop non-gassing current limiting fuses. In 1994, Cooper Power Systems acquired Combined Technologies Inc. to expand their product offerings in current-limiting fuses.

Kearney engineers developed connectors, hardware and tools that made overhead line construction and maintenance easier, safer and more dependable. Family held and formed by James R. Kearney in 1926, it became a part of Cooper Power Systems in 1997.

Founded in 1963 in Guadalajara, Mexico, Electromanufacturas, S.A. de C.V. (EMSA) manufactures pole-mounted, pad-mounted and substation transformers and was ISO 9001 certified by UL in 1997. EMSA became a part of Cooper Power Systems in 1999.

25 kV loadbreak elbow
The Yukon Demand Response management software provides detailed runtime information on HVAC systems for M&V.
Cannon Technologies was founded in 1987 to deliver load management and automated distribution solutions to electric utilities, with a focus on engineering automation technologies for monitoring and metering, and energy management. Through the Yukon Advanced Energy Services software, utilities of all sizes are provided a scalable platform for remotely reading meters, controlling peak load, managing power, and monitoring substation and distribution system assets. Cannon Technologies became part of Cooper Power Systems in 2006.
Founded in 1980, Cybectec provided solutions that meet utilities´ most demanding real-time and reliability requirements in a number of areas, including electrical power substation automation, integration, communication and instrumentation. Its Substation and Enterprise Solutions help utilities integrate substation controls into a cohesive automation system, providing complete, enterprise-wide access to substation data in a highly secure environment. Cybectec´s flagship product, the Substation Modernization Platform Gateway (SMP), is a best-in-class communications device that concentrates and processes data in utility substations. Cybectec became part of Cooper Power Systems in 2007.