Brightlayer: How we’re bringing the digital future to light

As cyber and physical worlds continue to merge, as digital technology becomes more ubiquitous and cost-efficient, intelligent power management brings new opportunities to light.

This new digital future—the fusion of connected devices, data models, insights and analytics— helps more efficiently solve critical power management challenges and has inspired us to ensure safer, more sustainable and efficient power management practices across industries.

With Brightlayer, we’ve taken our more than 100 years of industry expertise and developed a foundation for leveraging data to provide insights that matter to you.

No matter how you want to drive digital enablement, Brightlayer lets you access data, insights and digital solutions to best meet your business needs. It all starts with your assets and the data they can provide you. We're focused on helping you capitalize on the data and insights from those assets to drive operational value.

The data layer

Our approach is straightforward – whether the data you have is from Eaton or other manufacturers’ devices, we can process it through our platform to leverage our AI and machine learning algorithms for insights or pass it through securely to platforms or applications you already have deployed. It’s up to you.

The platform layer

A set of open extensible development components that enable intelligent power management solutions. We’re using this common set of technologies in the cloud, at the edge and in on-premise environments to drive development scale and speed in our organization and to help you do the same in yours.

The software layer

An integrated suite of digital software solutions that provide data and insights that drive real operational value for your facility, process, machine, asset or across your enterprise. From digitally native devices to software applications and insights, our industry-focused software suites give you one view to reliable, secure and actionable data.

The experience layer

The experience hub is your destination for access to digital solutions, data, APIs and services. It’s a space where customers, partners and developers will be able to collaborate and leverage our digital platform components to create and sell intelligent power management solutions.  

Brightlayer makes it easier for you to drive operational value by leveraging the intelligent, actionable insights that come from your data.

Aravind Yarlagadda, chief digital officer, Eaton

The Brightlayer choice: Powering operational value with data and insights

On average, 60-73% of data within an enterprise is not used for analytics1. Unlocking the value of hidden data means enabling closed-loop decision-making with the insights derived from that data. Enter Brightlayer, combining our deep domain knowledge with artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data processing technologies to help you make efficient, real-time decisions to optimize power management across your organization.

It begins with how we design our products. We’ve thought through the elements of data enablement, including connectivity, storage, security and enrichment, and how they need to work together to best enable both Eaton and third-party assets to connect, collect, analyze and deliver the situational insights required for operational decision making. We’ve developed open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that enable you to process data from any connected asset and access through your existing operational software or our industry software suites to give you the insights that help form a more complete picture of your power use.

With more than 100 years of deep power management expertise that influenced the development of domain-specific data science algorithms, we help you make efficient operational decisions by enabling meaningful, contextual insights delivered through the cloud or at the edge of your network.

Our approach to data-driven insights empowers you. With an optimal, open architecture – no matter whether you choose direct consumption of data from assets or leveraging insights through our platform for power management– Brightlayer can help you scale, customize and meet the needs of your operation. 

The Brightlayer digital platform: Core components drive enablement

Within the Brightlayer digital platform, we have assembled code sets, data science algorithms, development toolkits and security protocols that can be leveraged for a standardized approach to digital solution delivery.

The platform is purpose-built to enable smarter real-time decisions with powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, simplify usability with interface libraries and user experience templates, and safeguard data, equipment and processes with cybersecurity protocols that exceed industry standards.

Brightlayer helps you identify and solve your most complicated power management challenges by integrating connectivity, design, data science and cybersecurity:


The Brightlayer opportunity: Solving unique industry challenges

Brightlayer inspires a new breed of industry-focused digital solution suites: a package of software applications, data insights and services that address your unique power management challenges in more inventive and intelligent ways. Through this integrated approach, you'll be able to customize a digital solution that will provide the insights you need to better manage equipment, processes and data for your enterprise.


The Brightlayer Utilities suite

The electric grid is increasingly complex. Power demands are on the rise. More electric vehicles are on the road. Renewables will meet 50% of world electricity demand by 2035.2     

From capacity planning, complete with renewable power and storage simulations, to substation operations and more, the Brightlayer Utilities suite offers the software required to manage the grid and plan equipment upgrades and new installations. Measure grid efficiency, identify system faults and support load sharing to reroute power for fewer outages, less downtime and significant operating expense reductions. 


The Brightlayer Data Centers suite

Driven by rises in high-performance and cloud computing, storage, and virtualization, power management continues to be a significant opportunity for data centers.

See what’s coming today and plan for tomorrow. With our Brightlayer Data Centers suite, data center managers fix issues as they happen—or prevent them entirely. Suite applications include everything from data center infrastructure management (DCIM) with capacity analytics and 3D visualizations to advanced, automatic remediations and cloud-based analytics that help predict power component failure. 

The Brightlayer Industrial suite

Industries continue to battle operational challenges. A shortage of new workers, unplanned downtime costs, inefficient manual data collection and weak performance metrics collectively hamper power optimization.

The Brightlayer Industrial suite includes a full complement of remote monitoring, management and control applications to enable process optimization in industries like oil and gas and mining, metals and minerals. Identify production issues and trigger remedial actions before asset failure. Inform device repair and replacement to reduce unplanned downtime. Identify energy anomalies to reduce utility costs. All in one application.


The Brightlayer Buildings suite

With the energy transition underway, the addition of renewables, energy storage and electric vehicle charging, as well as the increased cybersecurity challenges inherent in more digitalized workplaces create a significant opportunity for building owners to better manage their electrical power infrastructure.

The Brightlayer Buildings suite enables access to the insights buildings owners need to monitor electrical power usage, manage tenant billing, enable electric vehicle charging and address infrastructure cybersecurity threats.  

The Brightlayer experience hub: One-stop for collaboration and commerce

The Brightlayer experience hub will enable customers, partners, resellers and developers to share ideas and explore tomorrow’s technologies—all in one environment. The experience hub will be where customers can find and purchase software products and services and where developers access code sets to develop their own applications to help build next-generation solutions. 

As a central collaboration hub, installers, engineers, developers and other experts will share knowledge to solve problems and collaborate on sustainable opportunities for existing solutions.

Through one central hub:

  • Easily find digital products, data and services
  • Create personalized, scalable applications with third-party data and algorithms
  • Connect with an entire ecosystem of experts to collaborate and share knowledge
  • Access physical, digital and data assets through multiple API
  • Brightlayer: Illuminating power management possibilities

    Intelligent power management uncovers the most relevant data and backs real-time decision-making. Building upon the foundation of our Brightlayer platform, insights make a difference, digital solutions take industry challenges head-on and collaboration advances technology. Through innovative thinking and processes, with Brightlayer we apply the right balance of tools and services to solve power management challenges and ensure a safer, smarter, more efficient digital future.


Forrester (January 2016). Hadoop is data's darling for a reason.
2 Energize Weekly (February 2019). Renewables will provide 50 percent of electricity generation by 2035, McKinsey says.