Employee stories

Our employees around the world are stepping up to support their local communities during the COVID-19 crisis. 

The work our teams do matters now more than ever. Thank you to all our employees for their exceptional work during this extraordinary time. See how our employees are making a difference for our customers, our colleagues and our communities during this crisis.
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Donating supplies in Mexico 

Our facility in Queretaro, Mexico, donated 150 face masks and 15 mouth covers with N95 protection to hospitals with respiratory modules. The team also sent motivational messages with words of hope and encouragement to health workers on the front line. The contribution was made through Mamás Doctoras A.C., a non-profit organization formed by more than 13,000 female doctors from across Mexico.

Max Martinis is helping his community by assembling face shields with donated materials. He and his family and friends have donated more than 1,000 face shields. The supplies were delivered to nurses, doctors and medical professionals in Monterrey, Mexico. All the materials have been donated free of charge. He plans to continue producing the face shields until he runs out of materials. 

Helping the homeless in Costa Rica

For more than a year, Luis Chavarria of San José, Costa Rica, has been a volunteer at the Chepe se Baña Foundation, an organization that helps the homeless population. With support from the local government, Luis has worked hard to install camps and mobile units to provide those in need easy access to showers and the ability to wash their hands with antibacterial gel—all for free. The service has been used by an average of 900 people per day, and it goes a long way in protecting vulnerable populations from COVID-19.


Delivering school lunches

Our direct service sales specialist Keith Bisson serves as a volunteer firefighter for the Palo, Iowa, Volunteer Fire Department. With schools in his community closed and a number of students relying on the school district for food, he and his fellow volunteer firefighters stepped in to deliver meals to children residing outside of the school district’s delivery range – providing both good meals and an exciting experience for the kids.

Supporting front line heros 

Lisa Strawn, a team member at our Los Angeles facility, tapped into her network to raise more than $15,000 in a matter of 48 hours to help feed more than 1,400 front line healthcare workers at hospitals across the country. This work spurred the creation of FrontlineHeroFund.org, which provides financial support, therapy and encouragement to family and friends of workers who have fallen critically ill or lost a loved one.


Setting up hospitals 

When COVID-19 hit hard in Wuhan in January, we helped China build the new Huoshenshan and Leishanshan hospitals. Our senior sales representative Haitao Hu and his team worked night and day on the project—through the Chinese New Year holiday—to help ready the supplies needed to get the hospitals up and running.

Expediting lead times for essential providers 

The team at our Power Breaker Reconditioning Center in Warrendale, Pennsylvania, expedited lead times to support a medical research center,  a hospital and  a communication provider’s data center. Typical lead times for remanufacturing circuit breakers are four to six weeks, but the PBRC prioritized these customers' orders for faster turnaround - some at a record 5.5 days.

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Making a difference in Poland

Our Tczew, Poland, facility recently made a $30,000 charitable donation to a local hospital, which used the funds to purchase a ventilator and two video laryngoscopes to help in the fight against COVID-19. The plant also donated 100 liters of disinfectant and 50 face shields and some team members from the facility are also volunteering at the hospital.

Our plant in Bielsko-Biała donated $18,000 to hospitals in Bielsko-Biała and to hospitals in Cieszyn and Tychy to help purchase supplies and personal protective equipment. The plant also donated 60 face shields, and our employees raised $1,200 to donate to a crisis intervention center.

Feeding families in India

In India, the COVID-19 pandemic has had the deepest impact on those earning daily wages and the homeless. Our senior engineer, Saddam Kahn, and his friends decided to help those in need by collecting money via crowd funding and supplying daily essentials to families. They raised INR 1.5 lakh (approximately $2,000) and supported 300 families with groceries and other essentials.

Our senior category buyer, Ashish Joshi, is also helping feed families in India by by preparing and distributing home-cooked meals to those most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Ashish receives help from local charity organizations and state police in identifying communities that greatly need distribution. 

Donating hand sanitizer 

Our team in Lincoln, Illinois, donated a 55-gallon drum of hand sanitizer to Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital, using a forklift to hoist the container into the truck bed. Hospital employees expressed their thanks for the donation and the team’s generous support, which helped them meet a critical need during the crisis. 

Manufacturing critical equipment

Our Hydraulics facility in Pune, India, is supplying hydraulic cylinders used to manufacture critical healthcare equipment. Since India is under a complete lockdown, the site received special permission to continue to run the production cell with minimum operations.